Horizon Forbidden West: Aloy – a prime example of a heroine

Horizon Forbidden West: Aloy – a prime example of a heroine

Horizon: Zero Dawn was an absolute blockbuster, the players worldwide with exciting history, a greatly designed game world and fun struggles against ingeniously designed mechanical engineering in his spell. As you can see our big test about Horizon: Forbidden West, the successor published on 18 February has become an action RPG of the extra class despite smaller quirks. Again, Story, game world and gameplay grab wonderfully into each other. But we reject ourselves with this special here very far out of the window and claim that these elements could still be so good, the horizon games would still not be so rousing or generally so great work if they are not so excellently written main character Had. Heroin Aloy is for us player exactly the right link to which rather unusual scenario of the games.

Aloy has always a clear motivation, is comprehensible in her actions and experiences things that suffer from us. The red-haired protagonist makes with their behavior only for the immersion, which Zero Dawn and Forbidden West makes so great. You may already notice it, this special is a small homage to the character Aloy. If you have Horizon: Zero Dawn have not yet played, we recommend you not to read and do not look at the video, because we will go here on a few backgrounds to Aloy, which will be revealed in the first horizon part.

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Aloy – a prime example of a heroine

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The outcasts

Rise to heroine

Aloy not only can not be done, she preserves her empathy despite all resistors. When testing she does not see her rivals as enemies, although their partially open hatred. And as a child, which is only used to be excluded, she helps a young Nora warrior immediately than this in need.

But Aloy is never the characterless benefactor that is just good. Rather, they recognize that they are always powered by their situation. She behaves as she would have liked that others behave towards her.

As a result, Aloy’s hero show works so well. We are the same as you have a existence as an outcast, she proves her courage and sacrifices her father figure for her. We are experiencing how to give her skepticis despite her deeds, people slowly put hope in Aloy and stubbornly hunted them to clarify their own backgrounds and saving people.

The pressure of determination

Although Aloy defeats the threat of Hades and saves Meridian, their personal story is not free of tragedy. For years, the protagonist wondered where she comes from and whether she really has no mother, only to find out that she is quite a cl1. A copy of the scientist Elisabet Sobeck, who saved the planet through her work. Aloy was created by the Ki Gaia quasi only as a tool to be able to restore that Ki after a emergency shutdown.

In a world of bandits, evil cult pendants, wars and inhuman traditions Aloy always drew his devotion, stubbornness, their courage and compassion, and yet she is an artificially creatured being. A copy of someone who has already lived his life.

But therefore, Aloy is as interesting as a character. Although she considers the tasks demanded by her as a tool as a duty or even her fate, but not only because she was created alone for it.

Although they have played the people in their lives as often as evil, they do not want them to die or the world goes down. Aloy was already exhausted compassion, but on her journey, she gets to know many good people who become allies and even to friends. Although Aloy converts to the footsteps of Elisabet Sobeck, but she writes her very own story.

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