Gabe Newell wants to integrate Xbox Game Pass with Steam

Gabe Newell wants to integrate Xbox Game Pass with Steam

Gabe Newell Hand Delivering Steam Decks to Buyers
The Steam Deck finally reached the hands of the consumers these last days, and generally speaking, it seems that the community has been quite satisfied with the arrival of this new device. But what is left for the future of Valve and its founder, Gabe Newell ? Well, within your ideas is the possible integration of Xbox Game Pass with Steam .

As part of a recent interviews with PC Gamer , Newell spoke about your possible version of Game Pass, Although the reality is that he prefers to use the one who already has xbox Integrate it with Steam . In the words of him own:

“I do not think I do not think we need an equivalent of Game Pass, we do not need to build a subscription service. But for Xbox users clearly it is a pretty popular option, and we would be very happy to work with them to integrate it in Steam. “

PC GAME PASS Normally has greater problems than your version of consoles, so having the infrastructure of Steam would certainly be beneficial for the company. At the moment, Microsoft has not pronounced itself about what we will have to wait to see if this idea one day is officially specified.

Editor’s note: I think the idea of ​​integrating Steam with Game Pass is not at all crazy, and the community would receive it in a very good way. After all, Steam is a platform with a much more installed user base.

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