Aperture Desk Job: Free Portal Spin

Aperture Desk Job: Free Portal Spin

Last week, the launch of the Steam Deck was officially over the stage. Already in the next few days, the first players will be sent to the handheld of Valve. Suitable for starting, the developers with Aperture Desk Job have now introduced a new project, which is a spin-off of the portal series. The free short game is available from March 1, 2022 and should approach the control of the Steam Deck – according to the entry at Steam theoretically but also played on the PC with a controller.

“Aperture desk job reinvents the genre of the running simulations and puts it in the lightning, endorphic filled world of silence sitting at desks. It is your first day in the new job, your heart is full of hope and your legs full of dreams to climb the career ladder. But Life has other plans where everything is about chairs. ” It says in the Steam description for the game.

Valve also makes it clear with some humor that this is not a portal 3. Nevertheless, the short game is of course located in the universe of the series. You take control of Aperture Science. Most recently, the studio has published a free project with Aperture Hand Lab in 2019, which has shown the functions of VR glasses Valve Index.

Aperture Desk Job Trailer
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