Who is the regalla in Horizon Forbidden West?

Who is the regalla in Horizon Forbidden West?

In the exciting story of Horizon Forbidden West there are several new characters that Eloe will meet during their expedition. Regalla is one of these new characters, which begins as an antagonist, but enters the union with Ela, if players will decide to spare her. She is a former member of the deserted tribe Tenakt and the leader of the rebels in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West - Kill Vs Spare REGALLA (ALL Choices)
Regalla appears at the beginning of the storyline Horizon Forbidden West, when Ela is visited by the Embassy in Prof. Light . She is a warrior warrior, who has previously served by the leader of Hercarro Tenakov. Hecaro spared her after an unsuccessful mission to create his own overweight rebel tribe. Later, Regalla meets Silence and forms his rebel group consisting of former members of the Tenakt.

Although it may seem that the tragic fate of the regalla depends on Ela’s actions, its path inevitably leads to death. After the victory over the regalla in the main task of Wings of the Ten, players have to make an important choice. Elo can spare regalla or punish her for crimes against tensitive. Deciding to end the regallas with the life, players will receive a very rare reward. Bow Raughty regalla.

On the other hand, if we spare regalla, it will become an ally, and it will appear during the final battle to help her against Zenith. However, Regalla will sacrifice himself against a group of guards to save Elo.

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