How to use and where to get the coloring flower in Horizon Forbidden West

How to use and where to get the coloring flower in Horizon Forbidden West

Staining mechanics in Horizon Forbidden West can be a bit confusing, as players never speak directly, exactly how the staining system works. In fact, players collect flowers with dyes and certain combinations of paints to paint their various sets of armor. The fact is that the process is a bit more difficult.

Coloring flowers and where to find them

Coloring flowers are called flowers, and they grow on the rocks. Depending on the specific color of the flower in front of the flower, it will have another name. Players can find which of them they have, in the “Paints” section in its inventory. Although the player may have all the colors for staining, which he wants, he may still have to assemble a pattern for staining.

All types of blossom

  • Azure flowers
  • Bagher flowers
  • Golden flowers
  • Midnight flowers
  • Pale flowers
  • Green flowers

Types of dyes and how to use them

How To Dye Armor In Horizon Forbidden West (Trophy Guide)
The resulting dyes can be used in a dyeer. Dreamers can be found at the Forbidden West in most major settlements. The first can be found in Plainsong. However, first players must receive recipes or dyes samples. They can be earned or buy. Some dyes are exclusive for certain cultures and their respective armor.

For the most part, dyes can be obtained using certain collectible actions, such as collecting all lenses or performing tests in hunting grounds for full strips. In these concrete areas, various cultural dyes are awarded. As players explore the limits of the Forbidden West, they will definitely come across many types of paints and armor corresponding to their special style.

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