How to climb on Tallnek in “Quiet Sands” in Horizon Forbidden West?

How to climb on Tallnek in “Quiet Sands” in Horizon Forbidden West?

Stillesands Tallnek in Horizon Forbidden West is slightly different from other long1. It will require a ballylter from the players to knock down the car, where it can be taken to the board and intercept.

  1. First, the players will need to go to the location of Stillestes Tallnek. An image of a map showing its location can be found further in the manual.
  2. Upon arrival, players will need to examine carcasses of cars in the area. They will find cars filled with harroon-like shells scattered throughout the territory. Interact with them to execute the quest.
  3. It is impossible to climb it, because there are enough low points for the capture, for which the players could catch. Elo will need to use balleys scattered around the district to kill long-haired. Ballists will attach cargo to Tallneck when shot, which ultimately make it fall. The first step is to find the first ballast and shoot a long-haired. The image showing the location of the three baller can be found further in the manual.
  4. As soon as the players shove the first two ballots in Tallnea, a group of cars that attack Elo will appear. It will be a real hindrance. The group of cars includes diggers, skinking and acid fur. Destroy these machines before finding the remaining balleys. To simplify the task, players can use the Ballists to shoot on cars, causing a huge damage. This is especially useful for victory over larger cars, Acid Belowbacks, at a distance.
  5. Find the remaining balleys and shoot a long-haired. It will make him fall to the ground.
  6. After Tallnek is shot down, players can sit on his disco-shaped head and cancel it. As soon as it is done, the quest must be completed.


Where is “Stilles Holt Toll”?

Stillestes Tallnek is located in the desert zone of the Horizon Forbidden West map, northeast of the ruins of Las Vegas.

Where to find balleys?

Finding the ballots needed to destroy long-haired can be difficult, especially third, which is hidden in the far eastern part of the region. The image above shows the location of all three baller.

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