Where to find wild beans in Horizon Forbidden West?

Where to find wild beans in Horizon Forbidden West?

Horizon Forbidden West is filled with resources and materials that you can sell and create throughout the journey through the forbidden West. All these materials have their own application – some of them will allow you to create arrows, traps or other useful items, such as backpacks for rapid movement. Horizon Forbidden West adds new resources such as food resources.

Wild beans are an ordinary food resource and are going out of bean stalk Plant . This plant is often found grows in the neutral zone . Usually you can find a plant on the side of the paths or the main roads around the drawing ground. Pay attention to this high green plant with yellow flowers.

What are wild beans for?

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Wild beans are a food resource, and it is used to buy food from cooks in settlements . You will need to play a few hours before you come across your first settlement with a cook, which can be found in chain scratch . The cook here will give you a side quest that you must execute before unlocking the opportunity to get food. To cook food, you will need to provide materials for cooking, and they will prepare food for you, which will provide various buffs for Ela .

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