Sony wants the PSVR 2

Sony wants the PSVR 2

After Horizon Forbidden West has just been released, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen comes out today and the Elden Ring appears at the end of the week, Sony has expanded the full message cycle with the revelation of his tonacially matching PSVR 2 headset designs what Sony offers with the PS5.

With a white finish for the PSVR 2 and PSVR 2 Sense Controller, the headset looks far more futuristic and more elegant than the original PlayStation Vr. Thanks to inside out tracking and a variety of other improvements, the design is no longer limited to having to have the blue light beams (so the headset has been tracked on the original PSVR).

In a PlayStation blog post-Sony, it was inspired next to the console from the other PS5 products such as the Pulse Wireless Headset. The flat edges help the headset to sit on flat surfaces while the rounded design, while a futuristic appearance was awarded with the rounded structure.

According to Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President of Platform Experience at Sony, the goal was to “develop a headset that is not only an attractive part of their living room decoration, but also immerse themselves in their game world where you almost forgot that uses a headset or controller. “

The headset is designed to be suitable for a variety of head sizes, and some functions are available as the adjustable area and the placement of the headphone jack for easy use.

In order to support the airflow, a gap was introduced above the rifle scope to support the ventilation, which is a great change, since the original PSVR was known to be very hot and sweated pretty quickly. In addition, the design team has created a slimmer design and added a lens setting wheel to make the players “customize the lens spacing between their eyes to optimize their view”.

Take a look at the design of the PlayStation VR2 headsets!

More photos, integrated ventilation details and other new design features:

  • PlayStation (@playstation) 22. February 2022

THIS IS THE PSVR 2 !!! - The VR Headset Of The Next Generation
There is no release date for the PSVR 2. But this design looks good and fits well with what we saw from other modern headsets such as Meta Quest 2. And as a funny easter egg, Sony has taken thousands of tiny playstation icons in the design, similar to the PS5.

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