Special: Week of Demos in Steam Next Fest

Special: Week of Demos in Steam Next Fest

  • As usual, Steam celebrates the games that are about to come through an event focused on the demos and with the presence_de dozens of developers. Steam Next Fest, previously known as the Steam Demos Festival, celebrates its second edition and, once again, we have decided to make a space for new discoveries and our upcoming favorites through an article that will be updated from today until the 28th of February._

_ The criterion for choosing the demos is absolutely personal. Our impressions will be collected in small reviews just below your corresponding image. After each review there is a Steam icon; By clicking on it you can visit the game page, in case you want to try the demo or see more information._

The entry will be updated as we have new reviews; have the page by hand and id visiting it to discover new games.


DevilishGames / Spring 2022

There are many sensitive ideas in the next game of DevilishGames, to start the representation of life as a trip in which you never stop and in which you accompany you (or not) your friends and family members. The vital objectives in this proposal, which for the occasion let us prove one of its twenty-first levels, are associated with social and personal growth, leaving aside that capitalist framework that urges us to link vital success with the work prestige. In MINABO A WALK THROUGH LIFE Life is nourished by acceptance between our fellow men, intimacy among equals and physical contact with the community. However, and a lot with success, neither of these three “ways of wanting” is limited to the field of romance, family or friendly, being universal love and being linked to care.

In Minabo we can have several simultaneous loving relationships, keep contact with dozens of different friends and adapt our step to equalize it from our shoots. However, taking care of all those around us and ensuring their well-being will mean a huge job and will require our constant attention. DevilishGames proposes a curious experiment by which we define both from our actions and the reactions of the rest before our care. In spite of this, on many occasions as players we do not get the certainty of what actions we are doing to make the decisions that define us as a turnip.

Minabo, at least in his trial version, seems to tell us that life is better in company and that is our social facet that allows us to reach old. And although in his allegorical character the game is precious, I wonder if in one of his levels social interaction does not always sign up in a positive way in us and if the title will punish us for our eagerness to take care of. If you will point to life, it is built in a balance or opted to lock yourself up in the idea that we are as a reflection to others. █ MT

100s of Free Demos at Steam Next Fest + One of My Favourite Steam Events + Midweek Madness

A Little to the Left

Max Inferno / August 2022

It is the search for satisfaction which promotes us to play. Suffer through a fight or advance painlessly until the end of a level becomes meaning when we look back to discover how we have surpassed. In the same way, completing a list of achievements or getting all objects on a mission reward us with the pleasure of work done, a joy very similar to that domestic tasks can produce in the real world. But usually the most satisfactory moments of the games – the most cathartic – are structured spaced and are placed at key end to maintain the player’s interest. But it has not always been like that.

During the first years of dominion of the arcade all the game was a cathartic moment whose objective was to get another currency after satisfaction (or frustration) to finish. The satisfaction linked to action and difficulty is one of the primal identity hallmarks of the environment and remains one of the most valued. However, in recent years a series of experimental proposals have sought to generate satisfaction from the tranquility, using a stylized aesthetic section along a design that clearly bets on the benefits of the Gamefeel. Among these titles we find Journey and Unpacking, but also smaller proposals such as Assemble with Care or Cloud Garden. And to that list we will have to add soon to Little to the Left.

A Little to the LEFT is defined as a puzzle game despite the fact that the only thing we have to find out is the most appropriate, more aesthetic, to place an object on the screen. Through Breavístos Levels, the title of Max Inferno encourages us to save the cat toys in a basket, to correctly place the cutlery on the tablecloth or straighten the different objects on a desk. But beyond being an interesting visual experience, the game manages to be relaxing thanks to its subtle _feedback, both sound and visual. A Little to the Left manages to highlight satisfaction after order. Transmit with success the peace that generates see everything in its place. █ MT

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