In Steam, more than 90% of the breakdown value can be disabled. On the contrary, it is limited to a few discounts

In Steam, more than 90% of the breakdown value can be disabled. On the contrary, it is limited to a few discounts

Valve changes discount rules in STeam from March 28, this year. Several rules in the game of the game are revised from the same day. Contents that are concerned about the user, such as changing the discount rate. This notice was held at the beginning of the month, but now I am attracting attention again.

According to the relevant page, the change is the provisioning interval and value of the discount. First, a cool down period until it can start the next sale from the end of the sale to 6 weeks to four weeks (28 days). Cooldown period is also applied to the discount introduced on STeam store pages such as Midweek Madness and Daily Special. On the other hand, it is an exception to the old New Year, summer, autumn, winter seasonal large sale, which is implemented across the store. Even if it is not 28 days from the end of the sale, it is said that it can be sold with a discount value if it is a large sale.

However, after the release and launch discount, after the change of the work, it is said that discount sales on large seasons of the season are not possible unless the 28th has passed. Also, if you are scheduled to be implemented in the future or sails, it seems that prices can not be changed. Then, for the sales execution period in the “custom discount” to be adjusted by the release source, the period of 2 weeks or more or less than one day can not be set. Extremely short and long-term sales can not be done.

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Also, the discount rate is limited as points that you want to pay attention. Specifically, a value reduction of 90% or more or 10% or less can not be set. In other words, breakage discounts such as 99% off, and a little deal with 5% off a little advantage is expected to be unable to be able to do it from March 28. As an example, “XCOM 2” is currently on sale for 94% off 420 yen. It will not be possible to see these values. However, if you think about it, it can be said that it is a sufficient break in 90% off. It seems that you have no choice but to drink tears for the remaining several percent.

Discount rules revision in STeam will be implemented from March 28th. In addition, the next large sale “STEAM Summer Sale” will be held from June 23 (Related Articles).

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