Horizon Forbidden West: Gamer attack PlayStation

Horizon Forbidden West: Gamer attack PlayStation

ALOYS Newest PS5 adventure was able to get top marks in critics and most fans. Some gamers bombard Horizon Forbidden West but from nothing with negative reviews.

The latest PlayStation hit Horizon Forbidden West has so far been able to convince both the critics and the community of themselves and much praise for characters, world design, graphics and history. Nevertheless, the PS4 & PS5 adventure looks now but a review bombing exposed to metacriting.

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Horizon Forbidden West: Start Gamer Review Bombing

With the critic score 88 out of 100 Horizon Forbidden West has a considerable debut on Metacritic. We too are convinced in our test by the PS5 blockbuster. The User score is currently at 8.0 and can show something more than 3,000 positive reviews . However, there are also almost 700 negative reviews that absurbs the game with 0 or 1 point.

However, the negative player evaluations can be quickly identified as a review bombing in large parts, as either criticism and score are no reliability to each other or to recognize the formulations immediately as clumsy and often women-tiny trolling tests . Among other things, the graphics, protagonists and action of the game are criticized. Bugs are also denounced, but they do not appear in Horizon Forbidden West in a scope that would justify 0 points. (Source: MetaScore)

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Community attacks PS5 blockbuster

Review Bombing is not a new phenomenon for video games in general and PlayStation blockbuster. Most recently, there was a similar campaign in 2020 in the release of The Last of US 2. In this case it hailed on Metacritic negative reviews , which ended in a user score of 5.7.

At Horizon Forbidden West, however, the review bombing has so far not too much influence on the overall standings of the game or the success of the PS5 adventure – and it can be assumed that this continues to remain so.

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Horizon Forbidden West is Sony’s latest Triple-A blockbuster for PS4 and PS5. The game is overflowed by critics and players. A few gamers now attack it on Metacritic in the usual way.

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