Horizon Forbidden West: Die Daunt Vista Point

Horizon Forbidden West: Die Daunt Vista Point

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Horizon Forbidden West is the latest border to immerse horizon fans and experience everything the game has to offer. From a captivating story to fertile side drives, something is in the forbidden West for every1. Such a series of side drives that can complete players are “Vista Points”, which give the player more information about elements of the old world and give visions of a past time for Aloy to vibrant life. A special Vista Point, which the players are likely to find first, is the DAUN Vista Point, and this guide is guided by the process where they find him and how they complete it horizont prohibited west.

Location of the Daunt Vista Point

The viewpoint is of course in the region / in the section “The Daunt” of the map. After completing the introductory section of horizon prohibited West, you will be automatically brought into the area and while you work through the area (a great place for the hunt for squirrels), you will probably encounter some “reliktruins” of the old world, which seem to be a lodge. From the lodge you can work along the way to the quarry and come to an old telephone / power line.

Here begins the secondary goal Vista Point. You need to use your focus by holding down R3 and find the position to properly align the image. Luckily it is not too far from the starting place for the players.

Solution of the DAOUN VISTA POINT

Horizon Forbidden West - Vista Point: The Daunt

To solve the puzzle and to get to the right place, go to the location marked above. Take a look in the direction of the lodge and use your focus. You can properly align the image and complete the Vista point to unlock the image. You can also read a collectable Vista point text that has been activated by completing the Vista point and gives you more information about the area.

Are you going to complete the DAUN Vista Point in horizont forbotent West at levels this month?

_ Horizon prohibited west _ is now available for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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