Gran Turismo 7: All information about preload and memory size

Gran Turismo 7: All information about preload and memory size

Gran Turismo 7 will be released next week and so that all can start in time with digital pre-order, the preload starts soon. We reveal you when it’s time to clear how much space you have to free on your hard drives and what it still has to know.

Gran Turismo 7-Preload starts this week

GRAN TURISMO 7 Preorders Available and Details Confirmed! - Bonus Cars, Credits and Versions
When can I start with the preload? An official announcement is not yet available, but the Twitter account PlaystationGamesize became known when it will be so far:

  • Preload : February 25, 2022
  • Launch: 04. March 2022

Thus, you can start download this Friday and then start to the game next week. What you can look forward to seeing you know in our detailed preview:

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Gran Turismo 7-Preview

Proven concept with new tuning parts


Gran Turismo gets gigantic on your plate

Memory size for PS5 known: The Preload will certainly need some bitterly. Because Gran Turismo 7 will take a lot of storage space. So much GB you need on your plate to play the racing game:

  • Previous memory size without patch : 89.4 GB
  • Memory size with pre-patch : 96.8 GB

What about the PS4 version ? Unfortunately, there are no official information for the PS4. The previous information comes from the database of the PlayStation Networks and were given only for the PS5. So you have to wait at the latest by 25th February when the Preload starts. The game is likely to achieve similar sizes as on the PS5.

A new trailer granted you an insight into Gran Turismo 7:

More news that can sweeten the waiting time to the release:

  • Your memory data from GT sports are transferable, but not all
  • Sophy: GT7 gets bear strong Ki, which himself professionals flat power
  • GT7 has a split screen mode for up to 2 persons

Maybe you want to play another hit before Gran Turismo 7? Then Horizon Forbidden West could bridge the waiting time perfectly. Whether you could enjoy the game, you read in the Gran test of our editor Linda.

Are you looking forward to Gran Turismo 7 and will you make use of Preload?

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