What is used by Verdant Bloom in Horizon Forbidden West?

What is used by Verdant Bloom in Horizon Forbidden West?

Horizon Forbidden West is filled with resources and materials that you can sell and create throughout the journey through the forbidden West. All these materials have their own application – some of them will allow you to create arrows, traps or other useful items, such as backpacks for rapid movement. Horizon Forbidden West also adds new resources such as coloring plants.

VERDANT BLOOM – Drying Plant. Used to unlock dyes in dyers . You will need to play many hours before you come across your first beautiful machine that can be found in flat song . The painter will become accessible only after the quest “Sea of ​​Sands”. To paint your outfits, you will need to put the coloring plants, and they will decorate Elo’s outfits for you.

Where to find the Vernant Bloom?

HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST - Toutes les MACHINES du jeu (Emplacements & Scans)
Verdant Bloom is an unusual dyeing plant. Collected from the plant VERDANT BLOOM . This plant is often Found growing on rocky cliffs . Check the edges of the cliffs and other rocky areas. It is worth noting that this plant looks like red in inventory, but in the open world it is green . Your concentration impulse is useful here to find Verdant Blooms, as well as highlight the rocks that you can climb to get to rocky places where you can find them.

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