Sparkasse changes online

Sparkasse changes online

The savings bank ensures 2022 new online banking. For customers, this has a big impact.

Germany – who works a lot on the computer, probably also uses the possibility to deal with transfers via the laptop or smartphone and to query his account balance. Customers of the Sparkasse are currently waiting for a change. In some cities in Germany, it is already available.

Sparkasse Plant Change: Online banking for customers soon New

The gear for the ATM transfers or the like becomes more and more rare for many people. Especially in times of the HomeOffice, the completion and review of the finances about technical equipment is a relief – you at least mean.

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However, the savings bank looks for improvement needs and reacts. After the off for certain EC cards at the Sparkasse, the portal is now affected for online banking.

But this should happen to the advantage of customers and in the future even easier to use how different media report. Thus, people who can control their finances via the app or browser and send money soon through the so-called “Drag and Drop” function, the own accounts that are stored in online banking. And that does not just apply to depots at the Sparkasse (more news and tips on digital at changes online).

Protecting Fraud: Online Banking by Sparkasse gets new feature for customers

According to information of should soon be possible to add online accounts that belong to other banks. This ensures a complete overview of your own finances.

All account activities are also available in the new revenue list at a glance. For even better clarity, sales are sorted by date and get the dealer logo on the side. For example, it is easier to recognize and report a fraud at the Sparkasse.

Sparkasse changes online banking – which customers can already use the service

To protect against criminals, there are various TAN methods for identification. However, customers of the savings bank must be adopted in the future from one of the functions. Because the option to get a code sent by SMS is to disappear 2022.

It is pleasing that, on the other hand, some customers can use the changed online banking of the Sparkasse . According to count customers from Hanover, Taunus and Hanau. The merzur , however, mentions next to the state capital of Lower Saxony still Dusseldorf, Paderborn, Bremen and Nuremberg.

In other regions of Germany the new online banking “in the course of the year 2022” should be available, according to the news portal. Customers who belong to one of the listed branches can first test the changes in a demo version and then register for the new system.

Standing orders at the Sparkasse: New online banking should make transfer faster

Then the customer’s customers can also look forward to incompetent transfers. For example, the simplified control should ensure that standing orders are listed directly on the corresponding interface for the digital transmission of money. This avoids unnecessary clicks and saves time. _ * is like changes online part of the editorial network of

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