Jan Winking extends on 1. FC Bocholt

Jan Winking extends on 1. FC Bocholt

Jan Winking has extended his contract until 2024 at the 1st FC Bocholt. The 26-year-old head coach, who has been holding the scepter of the Niederrheinische Oberrheiner’s scepter since May 2020, has worked extremely successfully since his ex officio.

The coronation is still missing in the form of a rise in the regional league. Last season, the coronary season demolition stood in the way to the former leader, and in this season, the SSVG Velbert so far has an even more successful balance. Nevertheless, “I am huge about the confidence of the association to continue the way together. We have big goals together and will pursue this ambitious”, Winking believes in spite of five points behind now on the turn.

Also in the long term, Winking wants to open his stamp to the 1st FC Bocholt: “With my office two years ago, I spoke to shape an era. The extension of two years should be underlined.”

14. Spieltag: 1. FC Mönchengladbach - 1. FC Bocholt 2:4 (0:1)

Similar Similar Ludger Triphaus sees similar and enthuses from the young coach: “Jan Winking has brought back the football to Bocholt. The team plays at his direction attractive football, who thrills the viewers.” Therefore, for Triphaus is clear: “Jan is both human and professional enrichment for our 1st FC Bocholt.”

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