Steam Sale: New Games Deals to the midweek – with great Germany

Steam Sale: New Games Deals to the midweek – with great Germany

On Steam, a new sale has gone online to the weekend. Valve’s download platform has expanded the Midweek Madness category by additional games deals. To the highlights this time an action is “the best games from Germany”. The SALE includes games like Hourglass (14.69 euros), Industria (15.99 euros), Lonely Mountains Downhill (9.99 euros), Cloudpunk (7.99 euros), Trüberbrook (4.49 euros), Dungeons 3 ( 9.89 euros), end zone: a world apart (13.49 euros) and crosscode (12.99 euros). An overview with all Deals from Germany action on Steam will receive you under this link.

In the Steam Sale to the middle of the week, Wartals also lowered in the price: the Steam Key for the Open World Role Play (Early Access) is currently receiving € 27.99 – a discount of 20 percent. Also more favorable are games from the ACE Attorney series. In the offer you discover the Turnabout Collection (44.99 euros), The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (29.99 euros) and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (14.99 euros). Single soundtracks are also available on offer on Steam. Fans of real-time strategy, on the other hand, come to Iron Harvest at their expense: The title is yours for 9.89 euros in your game collection.

Steam Sale: The new deals for the weekend

  • Games from Germany \ – Hourglass (14,69 Euro), Industria (15,99 Euro), Lonely Mountains Downhill (9,99 Euro), Cloudpoint (7.99 Euro), Trüberbrook (4.49 Euro), Dungeons 3 (9,89 Euro), Endzone: A World Apart (13,49 Euro), CrossCode (12,99 Euro) and more

Steam Winter Sale 2021 - 25 Awesome Games Under 5 Eur!
* Wartal (27.99 euros)
* ACE Attorney Franchise \ – up to 50 percent cheaper
* Iron Harvest (9,89 Euro)
* Rpg maker festival \ – with free week to the RPG Maker MZ
* Children of Morta (7.69 euros) – with free test full version

RPG Maker for free

Playing an action that has been designed with the RPG Maker holds the Steam Sale also. The deal contains, among other things, to the moon (1.99 euros), rakuen (4.99 euros) and oneshot (5.99 euros). Who wants to create a role-playing game with the RPG maker, gets the tool in the MZ version currently for 40.79 euros – a saving of 40 percent. A free week also waits for you. The Deals of Children of Morta are rounded off: the key grabs you for 7.69 euros. Until the 18th of February you can test the action roleplay for free. Shipyard before buying you a look at the price comparison.

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