Nintendo Switch Sports play on the weekend “FREE”

Nintendo Switch Sports play on the weekend “FREE”

In a Twitter post, Nintendo has announced in the morning of February 16, 2022 that interested parties can now be able to register for the online playtest of the Sportspiel Nintendo Switch Sports next weekend. The playtest had been announced last week as part of the surprising unveiling of the planned Wii-Sports successor during the great February-Nintendo-Direct. Nintendos General Manager Shinya Takahashi asked about the help of the viewers after the idea of ​​the title. The online playtest should be ensured “that everyone enjoys the online game” will have the final version.

Who can participate?

The big keyword is “online”, because attending only subscribers from Nintendo Switch online. It also needs an internet connection as well as a functional switch. Otherwise, there are no hurdles. Although the application runs via Mynintendo, but no platinum points must be redeemed against the login code.

How is the playtest built?

The Switch (Buy Now 316,25 €) Sports Online Playtest takes place during this weekend in meetings. Overall, there are five, which follow each other in an eight-hour rhythm and take 45 minutes.

Three of the six sports contained in the Launch title will be playable: bowling, tennis and heavy duel Chambara. Matchmaking is happening. So you will not be able to compete against his friends and has no control about whom you want to play.

What to consider

Nintendo Switch Sports - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

At the official application page, in addition to the usual indications that the playable test does not meet the final version, also the note that the public distribution of image and video material is prohibited from the test.

Nintendo also reserves the right to extend, shorten sessions or even cancel. Unlike the new demo for Triangle Strategy, which is also announced in the Direct, the yield progress is not transferable to the actual game.

And of course all important: Safe-based wrist loops and enough space when trying out. Yoshiaki Koizumi has made it in his virtual Direct volleyball tournament. So BRAV follow his good example and do not beat the TV in shards when playing.

You can log in via the official Nintendo website. If you then logged in with his Nintendo account, the sporting experience is nothing in the way. On April 29, 2022, the switch will receive after five years on the market then finally the new version of the Wii-Launch title will be donated. The balance board does not seem to get a second chance.

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