Line Friends, NFT · Metabus expanding IP Generation Platform Frenz

Line Friends, NFT · Metabus expanding IP Generation Platform Frenz

The Global Creative Studio Line Friends can create your own character IP, and the launch of a new form of digital IP creation platform ‘Frenz (Friends)’, which can create your own character IP and extend to NFT games and metaverse services. The application of a private demonstration test (CBT) starts on the 16th.

The “Frenz”, which is scheduled to launch, is a key service to develop the IP creative capabilities and expertise for its own, and the general character is a common character to develop a professional designer in the form of a professional designer. Consumers, not a selection, provide a different experience that produces a high quality high-quality character IP that reflects their own personality and symbols.

Unlike those who have recently declared the entry of the metabus, unlike the maintenance of the ‘Digital Human’ type IP, ‘Frenz’, the user can choose the appearance of the user, people, etc., and at the same time, It is anticipated that the global MZ generations of global MZ generations that will make it as much as possible. Moreover, ‘Frenz’ offers approximately 500 Pants (Parts), which can customize their own characters, such as various forms of snow, nose, mouth, skins, hair and fashion style, accessories, and wallpapers, more than 100 million unique characters It is characterized by being able to create IP. In the meantime, if the character IP has been considered as a celebrity selople, artist or brands, the user wants to be a character IP, as long as the user wants the character IP of his’ weapon, of course, as usual or imagined through ‘Frenz’ You can create a highly advanced character.

In particular, the linefr lens adds technology to its differentiated creative, and the character IP made in Frenz ‘and the production of “Live Broadcasting”, “Live Broadcasting”,’ Short Form Video ‘, of course, NFT Games and Metabus It is scheduled to be compatible with multi-platforms, such as being able to play within a service. This provides a new concept digital play culture, not only to the “Creator” and ‘Owner’ of the character IP, but also the new concept digital play culture, not only the “creator” and ‘owner’ of the character IP, It is a plan to lead the metabus trend.

In addition, on the ‘Frenz’ platform, a variety of popular character IPs of linefrants and hand-held domestic and overseas promising artists are added in the form of Pats (Parts), and will be updated directly in a variety of styles, It will be maximized.


The Line Friends officials said, “The newly created creative capacity of the linefriends that will be born in Global Super IP and ‘Frenz’ as its own IT technology,” Frenz “is the world who has its own personality, Digital IP Generation Platform “” “As soon as it is a blockchain game, a strategic collaboration with the NFT field specialized companies, we will be able to experience a new and enjoyable digital world beyond the limits of space beyond space limits. This is a major chapter of the character IP-oriented ‘digital IP entertainment business’ to develop a linefring. “

On the other hand, the ‘Frenz’ private demonstration test (CBT) dictionary application will be held on the 16th, and more details can be found in the official website (

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