NEW WORLD: Information about the Amrhein

NEW WORLD: Information about the Amrhein

NEW WORLD: That’s the Amrhein excavation

The Amrhein excavation is located in Windkirk equal north of the settlement of the same name.

  • A character level of 25 is assumed.

How to do the AMRINE Expedition | First Dungeon ► New World
* In addition, an AMRHEIN settings sphere is needed to enter. This acts as a key to the dungeon. The object is made on the stonemeatic table.
* The prey lies in the armament value range from 355 to 370. The objects are bound when picked up and are therefore not tradable.
* In the excavation you have to defeat two bosses: Foreman Nakashima and Simon Gray.
* Interesting is besides the bosses especially the bridge puzzle, which requires group members to place properly on the platforms.
* When compiling the group with up to five players, it depends on the right role distribution. Thanks to the classless progression, a variety of combinations are possible.

As the name of the expedition is already suggested, the setting is kept in the style of a ruin and perfectly fits too many quests that you had to do on the way to level 25. As the first expedition in New World, the Amrhein excavation takes a special position and it is absolutely advisable to take this experience as soon as the necessary level is reached.

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