EPIC finances all Kickstarter repayments for Shenmue 3

EPIC finances all Kickstarter repayments for Shenmue 3

Last updated 3 years ago

Epic Games Will Offer Shenmue 3 PC Kickstarter Backers Refunds
It has been almost a month since She was announced that Shengue 3 would become Epic Store exclusively for PC users. This initially provoked the wrath of many players, especially those who supported the Kickstarter project.

As some of you may remember, the Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue 3 was one of the most successful Kickstarter game campaigns to date. Many people were very excited and happy when they learned that Shengue 3 was developing and more than 69,000 people had supported the campaign. However, a little less than a month ago, YS Net announced that Shengue 3 would be exclusive to Epic Store. Needless to say, the crowd was unleashed after this announcement and not positively. Thousands of donors have asked for refunds after this announcement because they felt betrayed, and rightly. During the campaign, no “PCs” was listed in the platform options. In fact, there were PS4 and Steam versions, which gigged so many people. The Steam platform was also listed in the required configuration, but this was only changed when Epic Store exclusive was announced. Recently, however, they have updated their Kickstarter page by stating that they will offer several options to contributors. Those who do not want to use the EPIC Games client can choose to get the PS4 key instead or receive a refund. Contributors who decide to obtain the Epic Store key will also receive a Steam key of the game one year after its publication, once the exclusive agreement expired, so that patients enough patients will eventually receive the two versions of the game.

Epic Games is behind all these refunds, which explains the sudden YS net announcement, after initially refusing to allow repayments. The Director General of EPIC, Tim Sweeney, recently announced this on his Twitter page:

“EPIC finances the cost of all Kickstart repayments resulting from Shenmue III’s move to the EPIC Games store, so that refunds do not reduce YS net development funding. When future games become exclusive at EPIC after providing participatory financing rewards on other PC stores, we coordinate with colleagues from other stores to ensure the availability of keys in advance or will guarantee the refunds. ‘announcement. “

[19659002] However, if companies are allowed to support their projects and to encourage Internet users to announce their exclusivity contract after cashing the sponsors’ funds, they will think twice before deciding to support future game projects. It remains to be seen how all this story will take place, but after all this fiasco, those who are at the loss are players.

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