The Sims 4: Eiggurniger SIM leaves hearts of all cats

The Sims 4: Eiggurniger SIM leaves hearts of all cats

Pets in Sims 4 make life simulation a lot of cute and exciting. The video of a reddit user now shows funny way that the virtual world also holds special cat ladies. A refined Sims woman does not dispense with her athletic activities on her sweet fell nose.

The Sims 4: Jogging or hugging? Both!

Who does not know it? Life is stressful and crammed: work, household, cooking, friends and pets – everything wants to be cared for and d1. This is how it works in the life simulation the SIMS 4 too. The only answer to this often seems to be the multitasking.

While Sims likes to eat with a plate of eating through the area to do other things, that is a familiar image for many players.

The following ideas of a clever Sims lady is already a bit more special and rarer. While she decides to turn a nocturnal jogging round, she combines the pleasant with the useful: a cuddly round with the beloved cat in the arm .

Take a look at the spectacle in the shared reddit video by HousePlantist:

♦ Sims - Sims 2 - Sims 3 - Sims 4 : Cats

Cat friends celebrate reddit clip

On Reddit becomes the amusing cat video – who is surprised? – Terminated celebrated. The video gets over 6,000 handsome upvotes and lots of loving comments.

Most confess themselves that they would probably do exactly the same with their cat . Unfortunately, not all fur noses can be carried so soulfully through the neighborhood, as the flying velvet paw in the video.

Some remember that the multitasking system leads to the SIMS 4 again and again to amusing situations. At Thujanaja it was the following:

_ “My SIM has recently been jogging and has eaten a dish macaroni with cheese.” _

And not only when running, this is the case how Thaantichrist tells:

_ “[…] Once my SIM has left the plot of her friends, while she held their toddler in his hands. And when my Sim arrived at home, we had this brand new child for 45 seconds before it disappeared. Just, because She actually went home with this home. “_

As long as this multitasking system leads to seeing such cute cat pictures, it can be quietly chaotic.

_The SIMS 4 can not only ate with idiosyncratic Sims, but always surprise with scary bugs: _

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