Steam New Year Sale Opening. More than 20,000 works such as “BattleField 2042” and “UNPACKING Unpacking”

Valve started “Steam Chinese New Year Sale” on January 28 and Steam in Japan time. The spending period of the sale is until 3:00 on February 4 in Japan. At the time of the article writing, at Steam, more than 2400 works are subject to sale, and many titles can be purchased cheaper than usual. Also, in the STEAM point shop, a sticker presents are being implemented. During the New Year Sale, it is likely to get a free 2022 zodiac torpea that can be get free daily.

In this paper, we will pick it up and introduce the title. First of all, from relatively new works and talks. Turn on the world of “LOL” RPG “LOL” RPG “LOL” League of Legend Story “is 20% off 20% off the Turn-Based RPG” LOL “League-Legend Story, which is set to Shadow Isle to clear the secret of black mist. The character has participated in “SSSS.Gridman” and “Lelouch of Code Geas Resurrection”, and the character is participating in the series 30th Anniversary Works “Super Robot War 30” in 7095 yen. The FPS series latest work “BattleField 2042” is 42% off, 5046 yen off, with up to 128 players in the near future battlefield. In Japan, the released of February 25 is approaching that the truth of the death of the brother’s death is 40% off the hypertrophic ADV “Life Is Strange True Colors”. On the stage where all Riolus fleed off, the story of the protagonist who met the legendary resilience, the “monster hunter” RPG series Nambering second work “Monster Hunter Stories 2-ruin wing ~” is 34% off 4813 yen.

TD + TPS “ORCS MUST DIE! 3” is 34% off and 2039 yen off, which makes a trap of a large group of approaching oak. Fantasy The world is adventurous and fostering vegetables and fruits in the field. A superencephal force 3D action RPG “Scarlet Nexus” that combines the ability, such as spirituality and Pyro Kinesis, 4510 yen off by 50% off. A beautiful 3D graphic and an easy-to-use operation, 2D battlefight game “GUILTY GEAR-Strive-” is 40% off 5148 yen. In the village of the village centered on the old castle, the survival horror “Biohazard Village” facing the various monsters is 50% off and 3995 yen.

In addition, from indie works, we explore the two worlds and reveal the past, shaking the mind, o o o o o 15 15 20% off at 20% off the winter sale. Fighter Four Seikun and destroy the dark culture, 3D space shooting “Chorus” is currently 25% off while not Japanese. A puzzle game “UNPACKING unpacking” with a puzzle game “UNPACKING unpacking” with a puzzle game “UNPACKING unpacking” is 20% off, organizing packages at a new home “Lockman Exe”, “One Step From Eden” combining Rog Like elements in the wind card and action 1230 yen off by 40% off.

Cooking simulations who work in the late-night fast food shop and escape from a strange nightmare. The household version announced the household version, the horror game “Subway Midnight”, which goes through the underground, 25% off the horror game “Subway Midnight”. Girl Virgin spends a wonderful day, Wonderful and Little Adventure ADV “Sky Sky” 50% off 495 yen. I’m going to buy milk while talking about something, my monster Novell game “Milk Inside A Bag of Milk Inside A Bag Of Milk” is 33% off with 33% off while not Japanese. The sequel “MILK OUTSIDE A BAG OF MILK OUTSIDE A BAG OF MILK” is also 75% off while unacceptable Japanese.

In addition, STeam is “Cyberpunk 2077” “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” “IT Takes Two” is also 50% off, and the standards and old works are also being selected. Of course, the small-scale title of the boulder mix is ​​also subject to sale, so there may be encounter with the unexpected title if you look at the Abyss of STeam.

Steam New Year Sale is being held until 3:00 on February 4.

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