Marcell Jansen becomes the power source of HSV III

Marcell Jansen becomes the power source of HSV III

The third team of Hamburger SV is getting closer to the rise round places. In the direct duel against the TuS Osdorf, however, it did not look after a successful Friday evening, because he pressed a faulerfeter in marginal on the line (24th). After that, however, the householders took the command, Osdorf became too passive and began shortly before the break, the compensation by Winterszugang Burmeister, who inherited after a corner by head.

In the second game section, ex-national player Marcell Jansen reached into the action and lively borrowed the Game of HSV. At the decisive 2: 1 in the 81th minute, the ball flew exactly to Jansen, but Osdorf’s JobMan spurted in between and countered the leather into his own goal. Thanks to this home win, four points are only two points for Jansen and colleagues, but the competition has admittedly fewer games in the account.

Aug becomes a pitch bird

Hsv et vzv

Free from all calculation games the Niendorfer TSV further hurries to the field of it. The 3: 2 against the Hebc Hamburg could be worth gold because the guests despite the defeat in Sunday playing good chances of having the promotion round. The NTSV lose well, but Ahmadi left two uphard. The due 1-0 worried Fedai in the 22nd minute, which placed a rebound from the penalty border into the mesh. At the break, the leader had to let the question had to be asked why he did not led higher, there was otherwise little to criticize at the performance. After a good hour, however, the HEBC came to compensation, iodine ide turned a trademeter confident. The emerging nervousness in the Niendorfer camp reassured ex-professional Brückner but already in the 66th minute with a placed headball goal. But Jodieit Piesackte the households once again when he met in the 85th minute in Uwe-Seeler-Manier per back. Should the NTSV actually only go out of this game with a punctuation? No! In the detention time, the freshly damaged and regional league drafted Aug carried a coach song into his own network, which Hebc was beaten, but has still three points in two outstanding games still three points.

The games between the SC Victoria Hamburg and the FC Union Tornesch as well as between the TSV Buchholz 08 and the SV Rugenbergen (each Corona) were canceled.

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