Battlefield 2042: Single player controls whole region

Battlefield 2042: Single player controls whole region

The game numbers of the shooter Battlefield 2042 are in the dive. While the start of 100,000 Steam players on the battlefields were on the battlefields, this number has meanwhile dropped to 4,000.

The low game numbers now ensure that Battlefield 2042 is confronted in some parts of the world with a new problem. Since the lack of matching players the normal matchmaking takes a long time, only players with bad connection finds or does not work, players from South Africa must dodge the portal mode.

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Since the portal servers are revised by players, the manufacturer has the full admin rights and can thus determine who can play in the region Battlefield 2042 and who are not.

On Reddit, the user Vandiedakaf describes the situation in South Africa as follows:

“For about a week you can only find a game in South Africa if you are looking for playing in portal. It is pretty much the principle: who comes first, first grind. There is simply not enough players to occupy multiple servers, so the first person who hosts a server for the evening has pretty much control over the game and the rest of the players in the region. “

“Unfortunately, the person who has hosted the games during the last evenings, a bit thin-skinned and started locking people just because they have fled. He also blocked me because I had addressed him to his power games (I did not fled and did not even receive a warning). “

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