“The Artful Escape” What is a great uncle footprint? Read Liner Notes [English pickled in the game # 89]

“The Artful Escape” What is a great uncle footprint? Read Liner Notes [English pickled in the game # 89]

A young young man who suffer from the expectations from the surroundings, “ARTFUL ESCAPE” to explore self-expression through a strange trip with a galaxy to the crotch. The part of the play was simply evaluated by art and music, and last year’s THE GAME AWARD has been nominated to the three departments of “Best Art Direction” “Best Score” “Indie Debut of the Year”. On January 26, distribution started towards PS5 / PS4 / Nintendose switch, and when you look at the letters of “GALAXY”, the one who has a heart is a dynamic “performance experience that moves heaven and ground with one guitar I would like to touch many people by all means.

# Practice question answer

“Valkyria 4 Valkyria 4” Learn Personality of Lessone Corps [English pickled in the game # 88]

# Reading- Liner Notes of “Pines”

The Artful Escape Review

Calypso, a stage of this work, is a fictional city in Southwestern Colorado, USA. Legendary fork singer Johnson Vendetti’s birthplace This place is in this place, and a meeting that commemorates him is being held, and many fans are packed. The 20th anniversary of the work “Pines” released in the 60’s is the 20th anniversary of the work “Pines”. The menu screen is moving this “Pines” jacket, and Liner Notes is drawn his history, and the main character Francis will see a glimpse of the strain.

… Vendetti’s Folk Anthems Pushed Their (V —) Forefront of Counter Culture, Revolution and (—).
Touring From New York to California, Vendetti Took on a life of its own, being championed (—) Rights Movement, and Years Later in the (—) Movement.

The representative song of Vendetti fork was boosted (~) at the forefront of the countercart of Counter Cart Current with the revolution and (~). During a tour from New York to California, he spent his own life, (~) Rights Movement, and a few years after a few years.

So It Was That A Voice Beyond (—) Traveled from the Peaks of South-West America (To The) Banners of Crowds Marching on the Nation (Al Day).
Then, the voice from the bottom of (—) echoes from the mountains of the southwest of the United States to the flag of the crowd marched by National Day.

Johnson Vendetti Was Only 27 When He Lost (The Life by) The Car Accident Outside of Calypso, Colorado, (—) Also Claimed The Life of His Brother.
Johnson Vendetti has died with his brothers in a car accident in Calypso in a younger of 27.

with the Anniversary Release of Vendetti’s Opus, “Pines”, (—) Records Hopes to Celebrate The Greatest Journey of Johnson Vendetti. One That (E-)
In commemoration of the release of “PINE” of Vendetti, (~) Records want to honor the great footprints of Johnson Venddetti.

The fathers of Francis and Johnson died simultaneously have only been drawn here in the game. It would have been a variety of hardships and pressure on Francis, growing in a single-mother’s environment and expected as a fork singer.

The good person’s good person will notice, but the model of Johnson Vendetti is the Fork Legend Bob Dylan. It is blurred in the sentence, but it is his song that was a mental support in the political trends in the 1960s of the United States, such as civil rights movement.

People who gather in CALYPSO are expecting FRANCIS, a new flag-handed fork singer of such countercarculates, and I hate “Commercial Rock” to play Electric in front of them just than just genre transfer It is a tough eye. It is not permitted to be one who wants to be one, and from such a situation, “Escape” is waiting for him….

# Practice Problem: Translate the next line.

We’re Going ON A RIDE ACROSS The Dilated Pupils of the Cosmos.
Man! You’re Going To See Flot Sam That Will Change You Forever.

From Lightman inviting the protagonist. It’s hard to be transmitted as it is, so let’s translate it on the meaning of “The Dilated Pupils”.

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