“Our Queen”: Australia celebrates the big Barty

“Our Queen”: Australia celebrates the big Barty

Australia celebrates a tennis festival: With a large class, Ashleigh Barty ends a 44-year-old durst track at the Australian Open and rests the longing of a whole nation.

Freed from the expectation pressure of a whole nation Ashleigh Barty slipped the corks with childish joy. In a chic red summer dress, the Australian Tennisheldin posed in a Melbourner park plant only with the Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup, then laughing laughing champagne by the area. Also on the day after the historic triumph, the Barty Party Down under no end did not end.

“That’s just a dream that has come true,” said the number one in the world after completing a 44-year-old waiting time for a home win at the Australian Open, “I’m so proud to be aussie.” And all Australians were pleased with their “ash”, this star hour did not leave anyone cold.

Whether Tennis-Legend Rod Laver, Athletics Icon Cathy Freeman or Pop Asterisk Kylie Minogue – Barty could not be held after the 6: 3, 7: 6 (7: 2) against the US Surprise Danielle Collins in front of prominent congratulations rescue. Her great idol Evonne Goolagong Cawley, even four-time Australian Open winner and how Barty with indigenous roots, let it take to hand over the trophy.

“Nobody earns more,” Angelique Kerber wrote at Twitter. All of the 25-year-old Barty, who always modest and down to earth, has this third grand slam title according to French Open 2019 and Wimbledon in the previous year. “It’s d1. Hallelujah, it’s done,” Judied the newspaper The Age, Prime Minister Scott Morrison angered the national hero as “our queen of our court”.

Barty in Australia very popular

A felt eternity had to wait the proud sports nation at this moment. In 1978 Christine O’Neil had triumphed as a last Australian at the home game, the last men’s victory by Mark Edmondson was even two years earlier. “When Australians be a small part of an incredible story in tennis is really great,” Barty said humble.

How much of this title means how big the pressure was, showed after the matchball. Barty put his head on his neck, stretched all the muscles and let go of a great cry – so emotionally they had never seen on the court. “Everything came out at once,” she said, “That’s unusual for me.”

BARTYS Popularity in Down Under was barely popping before the final in which she turned a 1: 5 residue in the second sentence. The Australians love their “ash”, which also lets themselves up to the ground with beer in the hand at the Australian football, during a tennis break in 2015 in the Cricket Profiliga convinced and already a amateur golf tournament won.

Women's Singles Ceremony | Ashleigh Barty v Danielle Collins (F) | Australian Open 2022

Barty still missing victory with the US Open

Barty looks only as part of a team, she always speaks of “we” than “I”. Therefore, their first embrace was after the triumph also her good friend Casey Dellacqua. she had returned to her former tennis doubles partner, as the burned Barty end of 2014 inserted a break.

Now Barty’s next US superstar Serena Williams the only active tennis player different toppings on three Grand Slam titles collected. only the victory at the US Open is missing for the “Ash” Slam. Her coach Craig Tyzzer keeps the odds because of easy balls in New York, although for small – but all-rounder Barty is certainly capable of anything.

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