Naver, Cacao, News Service

Naver, Cacao, News Service

There will be a big difference in the operation of the news service of Naver and Caca from this year. Naver is a central to the media subscription, but it is a plan to continue to verify the news service algorithm.

Cacao eliminates a recommendation based on the algorithm in the news service. Instead, the media allows the selected article to see the selected article as the outlink.

Naver fined US$ 23 mil. for manipulating search algorithms
It is noted that the news consumption behavior of the user’s news consumption changes depending on the change in the two companies that have been providing algorithm recommendation and ranking news services.

Algorithm Verification Naver… Strengthening the editorial edit of the media

According to the 5th related industry, Naver will work on the News Service, according to the announcement of the Naver News Algorithm Review Committee published on the 26th of last month.

According to a review of 12 review committee members for six months from August to January, the members of the Naver News Algorithm, the Naver News reviews the process of examining the question and quality of the service, and the service distribution process, and the Naver News is a kind of Systematic deflections did not occur. Current algorithms are evaluated to optimize for filtering acoustic and low quality news. However, there was an opinion that the identity of the press article and the news of the newsletter and the news of the local media could not be exposed well.

In addition, it was also the intelligence that there is a need to enhance data and social communication to ensure transparency and reliability for algorithms by actively implementing user assessment in relation to the improvement of news algorithms and evaluations. It is a advice to have a communication channel for listening to the user’s opinion on news recommendations.

Naver has been continually improving news services. Each time a political party was attacked, there was an effort to change the comment policy or eliminate the entire article ranking.

Algorithm is using recommendation method, but it is also enhancing media reporting subscriptions. Providing user customized news simultaneously, we are trying to reduce noise for algorithm operation.

In recent years, we could edit the in-depth planning area service and edit the planning articles that are distinguished from real-time, and straight reports. A new feature is put on the edit edit that the media can be edited directly. It is a strategy for increasing user satisfaction and clicks of the user as well as the media to enable the characteristics of the media.

In the future, Naver will continue to improve the results of the Naver News Algorithm Review Committee with the results of the Naver News Algorithm Review Committee to ensure the fairness and transparency of the algorithm.

Naver official said, “It is a policy to continue to review the algorithm and get opinions and improve.”

Services from News Services Subtract the algorithm… I get rid of the Inlink

Cacao said that the following news has to end the Algorithm Recommendation and Ranking News Service. The reorganization was original January, and I tried reorganized from Mobile on the 13th, but I was originally returned to the original. We plan to stabilize the service and make it back again.

After that 26 days, Cacao added my view and discovery tab on the first screen of Mobile. It is to show the content of the media and the creators on the subscription basis. Although news services have not yet been reorganized, the cacao side will not be able to eliminate news recommendations through algorithms as an original plan, and will show the journalist articles.

The article is applied to the outlinking method so that the article can be seen in the media company. Currently, the news service that the cacao runs is completely different.

In Cacao, explained that it is to strengthen user options and editors of the media. In my view, we choose media subscription method, allowing users to collect the articles of the media they want. However, in the discovery tab, the article of partnerships and the contents of various creators are exposed based on the algorithm.

For users who can confuse as a change in the news service, the News tab is maintained as an existing way for the time being, and if the users are familiar with the Maewee, they will change the news service.

“I will proceed to the reorganization without exaggeration,” said Cacao official said, “I am listening to the opinions of users, but I do not change that the news service will not apply algorithms.”

After the reorganization of the Cacao News service, there is also a comment that users will need to adapt to it. It is pointed out that the newly changed Kakao’s news service or subscription service can be uncomfortable with users who have been familiar with reading articles and commenting on the platform, including the portal.

According to the Big Data Analysis Solutions of Ijie Works, the MAU of the next Augment last year’s MAU began to decline since August.

Monthly Active Users (MAU), which maintained about 9.7 million in the first half of last year, fell to 96.6 million in August, and in September, 93.4 million in September, 8.92 million in October, and 8.72 million in November. In August, Kakao is the issue of the shop tab where KakaoTalk can see the news recommended by the algorithm. In January of this year, the MAU of the next app was 8.7 million, reduced by 10% on the same period last year.

Industry officials said, “There will be a great difference in the direction of news service in Naver and Cacao this year,” “said,” I do not know how to do any way, but the direction of the two companies that showed similar ways to now, It is expected that it is expected to be significantly. “

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