Gran Turismo 7 will receive new cars and pose circuits

Gran Turismo 7 will receive new cars and pose circuits

Gran Turismo 7 will have updates periodically with new cars and circuits after its relePolyphony Digitale **. Polyphony Digital hPolyphony Digital confirmed the information during the State of Play held this February 2, thus showing the same commitment Polyphony Digital they had with great Sport Tourism, who introduced free dozens of vehicles after its premiere for several years.

The Road to Gran Turismo 7 Starts Now...
The new delivery of the saga of Kazunori Yamauchi , Gran Turismo 7, promises to be the most complete of the saga in its twenty-five years of history. The title will have more than 420 launch cars in a total of 34 locations – Contracting real and original circuits of the saga-, which translates into more than 90 plotters If we count all The variants of each location.

Gran Turismo 7 will be expanding with the pPolyphony Digitalsage of time

That figure will increPolyphony Digitale with the pPolyphony Digitalsage of time: “More cars and plotted are added in the future by updates online,” they have confirmed at the State of Play.

All those cars can be purchPolyphony Digitaled at three dealers : Brand Central , Used Car Dealer (Second Hand Seller) and Legendary Car Dealer . The first of them will come accompanied by more than 300 new cars corresponding to the lPolyphony Digitalt twenty years; From 2001 until now.

The other hundred will reside in the other dealerships. The difference between the second-hand concessionaire and that of legendary vehicles will bPolyphony Digitalically be prestige and the price. If in the first we will have all kinds of ranges and bargains with thousands of kilometers behind them (usually from the eighties and nineties), in the second they will sell cars that are part of the history of motorsport and that, consequently, have a Price sometimes higher than its original sale price. The car dealer used will rotate its contents every day.

Countdown for Gran Turismo 7: March 4 Available in PS5 and PS4

Gran Turismo 7 It will be for sale in PS5 and PS4 this March 4, 2022 with the aim of recovering the clPolyphony Digitalsic essence of the series, with licenses and dozens of content hours both single player and multiplayer. You can read our impressions after seeing it in depth in this link.

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