Gran Turismo 7 in the Preview: Proven concept with new tuning

Gran Turismo 7 in the Preview: Proven concept with new tuning

With Gran Turismo 7 does not return any racing game series to the screens in early March. But those who have sustainably shaped the genre since their start before 25 years and are not too wrongly referred to as originator of modern racing games. No wonder so that the expectations of the new episode are enormously high, it is the first series part since the slightly different focused on Gran Turismo Sport .

For a long time Polyphony Digital has retained digitally with information about the game, but now a fairly extensive overview of what awaits you in the game as part of a state of play . We were able to take a look at GT7 a few days ago and betray everything important here.

Tradition and modernity

In general, too, Gran Turismo 7 also changes at the traditional orientation, so here we get a racing game with a quite ambitious simulation claim. In GT7, according to Kazunori Yamauchi, however, also two other important things in focus stood: on the one hand the picture of the complete fascination and culture around cars. And on the other, the fact that the game should be accessible to all, regardless of experience with the series.

Who launches Gran Turismo 7, initially lands on the playful “World Map” whose building forwards to the individual modes and features. The centerpiece is like in previous numbered main parts of the career mode in which you first brings you a car from the used car market and earns you in races your first spores.

With deserved credits you can then get new vehicles or improve existing via tuning and continue to work further the GT career ladder. In addition, the popular travel tests also celebrate a comeback in which their specific tasks and route sections must complete at a predetermined time.

By the way, you also need a permanent internet connection for the career mode:

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more on the subject

Gran Turismo 7 does not allow you to play the individual game campaign offline


Completely new, however, is the “Gran Turismo Cafe”. Again, it is important to drive cars and win races, but the drummer is also playing here – the already mentioned car culture – an important role. Because in a game-compiled “menu” you discover some vehicle categories and learns partly about audio comments from the actual designers something to develop or design certain models, for example the Audi TT or the Mazda MX5.

Cars and tracks

In terms of scope, GT7 offers a thick, albeit for the genre, no longer really surprising package:

  • Over 400 vehicles and
  • 34 views with a total of 97 course variations

The vehicle selection is supposed to cover a wide range, so from small cars to family clays to sinful expensive super sports cars and thrillers who do not own road legal. The range selection is made up of true courses such as the Nürburgring or Suzuka as well as fictitious routes, some names – such as Trial Mountain or Deep Mountain – should bring the eyes of GT veterans to light up.

In World Circuit mode you can then decide if you want to learn the courses piece by piece or time, drift or “normal” races on them. Further routes and vehicles should be submitted after the launch by DLC.

New vehicles you can buy in the game at three different places:

Gran Turismo 7: The Final Preview
* Used car market
* Brand Central (direct selection of over 300 vehicles with construction year 2001 or later, sorted by brand)
* Legendary cars (a number of timeless classics)

Select more than just stupides: For each car brand there is also a virtual museum in which you can learn more about the history of Porsche, Mercedes and Co. on the basis of historical photos and information – completely optional natural.

The gameplay: detailed lovency and weather awareness

Although we were still able to try out GT7, it looks strongly after that the driving behavior of the bolides is moving at a similar level as the predecessors or will probably be overparted. For this purpose, extensive physics calculations, especially in the simulation of the tires, was reorganized again and also the aerodynamics, ie air flow, is simulated. This is then supposed to ensure that the lap times are equal to those of true routes and vehicles. Although it is too early to give a premish judgment here, but that sounds good in any case.

Especially since the dualsense of the PS5 is apparently used in GT7 as filigree, as in hardly any other former PS5 game. For example, the haptic feedback should be possible, blocked tires or even the resistance of gas and brake pedals to “feel”. Again, we are curious how that will be presented in the finished game.

RIGHT WILD It will be in the weather conditions and daily periods: Although previous GT parts already offered partially dynamic times and weather changes, but in GT7, this is apparently driven to the top. Because depending on the location of the racetrack there are adapted temperatures, precipitation probabilities and even a “correct” starry sky. In rain, puddles form, the routes should also dry realistic and there is even an optional rain radar. In this point, the new GT should set new standards at least within the series.

You can watch a current gameplay video for GT7 here:

Look, culture!

Of course, the core of Gran Turismo 7 takes place on the track, but also off the distance that Kazunori Yamauchi and his team want to put the cars into the right light, which also expresses itself in the selection of other modes and features:

  • (Music) Replays: You can also make repetitions with music and the camera angles adapt to them.
  • Scapes: The photo mode of GT is also on board again and lets you set up cars as you like in 2,500 (!!!) photo locations, move, and then use several settings to create images that are made of reality with naked Eye hardly to be distinguished.
  • Music Rally: This new mode is to go through goals before the timer has expired on the screen. However, this is not based on normal time, but after the beat of the currently running song.
  • Tuning and adaptation: Your cars can boost with several improvements (per vehicle more than 60 categories) and visually beautify in the varnish editor. Adjustment agents should therefore be at their expense.

Multiplayer and technology

GT Sport set the focus here, but also Gran Turismo 7 will provide a comprehensive multiplayer mode. Fans of local multiplayer should rejoice that there will be a split screen mode for up to two players * inside, dual on a screen are possible.

And in terms of online multiplayer, GT7 will be identical to Kazunori Yamauchi with Gran Turismo Sport. So you can equip single races or tournaments or simply depend on a friend in an online lobby, and then to define vehicles, track and options like weather or daytime. More, the developer has not yet been elicited yet.

On the basis of the graphic state of the game, it is possible to make an impression on the basis of the available gameplay material, and here is immediately recognizable by GT7 as part of the series. Very Cleane and elegant menus with a virtual mouse pointer and enormously detailed vehicle models including chic reflections make you feel like more.

By the way, Raytracing for the PS5 was confirmed by the developers, there is a separate mode in which the more elaborate light calculation is used, among other things, in showrooms or replays, but not in the race itself. The other graphic mode is called “frame rate mode” and should one Make constant frame rate of 60 fps.

Gran Turismo 7 appears on March 4,2022 for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

What are you hoping for from Gran Turismo 7?

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