For all racing fans: Gran Turismo 7 looks damn good on the PS5

For all racing fans: Gran Turismo 7 looks damn good on the PS5

The Forza series attracted many racing enthusiasts on the Xbox consoles and partially put playstations Gran Turismo in the shadows. With Gran Turismo 7 Plant Developer Polyphony Digital to recall the throne and to trigger the same WoW effect on players as the first work on the very first Sony console

Gran Turismo 7 - State of Play Deep Dive 4K | PS5, PS4

GT7 will have a huge launch

In a few weeks, the racing game brand Gran Turismo returns to Sony’s current consoles. Therefore, yesterday’s PlayStation Event was fully devoted to Gran Turismo 7. The Developer Polyphony Digital is amazed by fans through photorealistic graphics and detailed loyalty.

“In her 25-year history, the Gran-Turismo series has proven a great love and great respect for cars,” says GT7 chief developer Kazunori Yamuchi. This is also clear in the presentation.

You expect to start over 400 different cars , from used small cars to environmentally hazardous sports cars to legendary carts. In the Gran Turismo Café you can learn everything about the respective cars as in a museum, partly from the real designers of the cars .

In addition, there will be a remarkable 34 route resorts and 97 course variations for the launch . Not only do you expect new, but also well-known routes, such as Deep Forest, Trial Mountain or High Speed ​​Ring, which have been there since the first GT.

Realistic weather

Is particularly impressive, that the weather conditions and temperature influences your driving behavior . This a realistic driving simulation should be achieved. It will also be possible to predict, for example, based on the clouds and rain radar, how the weather is changed.

The weather change should be naturally. A race could look like that on a part of the track puddles make your ride make it difficult while the other part is still dry.

The most intense driving experience is available on the PS5

GT7 is intended to benefit from the PlayStation 5 dualSense controller. The haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers should give you feeling to sit behind the wheel and feel resistance . In addition, the image material shown can be convinced. The PS5 version scores mainly with raytracing and a realistic lighting.

Gran Turismo 7 should pick up both newcomers and old hare . You expect the classic career mode, licensed tests to improve your driving skills, a multiplayer (online and split screen) and much more.

What say racing fans?

Under the YouTube video, various users show their fascination for the features presented. The commentator C V writes about the influence on weather and temperature that “the possibility to predict this by looking at the sky, probably the most innovative feature [are], which has ever been installed in a racing game .”

Other users praise the detail loyalty. “It’s like watching a car show while you play a game, I love the detail accuracy ,” writes gary b. The user SOAP A means: “That’s the reason why it takes so long until fully numbered versions of GT come out.”

Gran Turismo 7 is expected to be available on March 4,2022 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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