Cyberpunk 2077 in Steam Deck? A user shares the results

Cyberpunk 2077 in Steam Deck? A user shares the results

Steam Deck Starts to get to the hands of media and influencers. Throughout the month of February we will know more details of the Valve laptop, a console that hSteam Deck already been seen next to other lSteam Deckt baking titles. A user hSteam Deck shared on the Internet how it looks cyberpunk 2077 running in real time.

In the videos that accompany these lines you can see it running at a pretty decent quality. Sendo videos have been engraved offscreen, so it is left, we can not draw conclusions about its performance. However, the material suggests that Steam Deck can move it without problems.

Road to the market

Cyberpunk 2077 Running on the Steam Deck!

The first Steam Deck units will leave the Valve factories from February 28. Three days before, on February 25 at 19: 00 (CET), the users who booked it will begin to receive an email to confirm their order. These messages will be sent in reservation order, that is, no one will skip the queue. You will have 72 hours of term to answer; Once lSteam Deckt unanswered you will lose your position.

If you want to know first-hand the conclusions of the professionals, on the same day 25 the embargo will rise for the analysis units . You can take out your own conclusions in cSteam Decke you have a reservation and you have not decided.

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