When Sea of Thieves is

When Sea of Thieves is

Mer of thieves, the mmo Pirate of the open world of Swashbuckling, heading towards Steam. Shortly after a game page of the game is suddenly appeared on Steam, Microsoft confirmed the new itself in an Xbox blog article. The Steam port is something that passionate _mer of thieves for players have been asking for some time now, hoping that the game arriving on the popular PC distribution platform will bring a new wave of players on the high seas. With the existence of the existence of the Port Steam confirmed, the only question that remains is, when does it go?

When is it available on steam?

Unfortunately, no release date has been announced for the Mer of Steam version for the moment. On the positive side, there are good reason to believe that it will not take long to be operational. _Mer of thieves has already a PC version, currently available only via the Windows 10 store, so the only obstacle is to bring the game into the valve showcase, not to make it playable on PC. A statement published with the STEAM store page only says that Mer of thieves “The release date will be announced” soon “.

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What are the features of Sea of ​​Thieves on Steam?

Sea of Thieves Steam Release: Everything You Need To Know [FULL DETAILS]

Mer of thieves it may not be the most popular game because of the next launch on Steam, but that does not mean that it is not worth a glance, especially for players who have up to Present tried to try it. Although the game has had a rather dull launch, most of the players abandoning quickly because of a lack of content, _mer of thieves managed to maintain a small but dedicated community. The Steam version will make this community even larger by allowing a complete crossed game between the Xbox One, the Windows 10 store and the Steam version of the game.

The new players will also have much more to do than those who have embarked with the initial launch of thieves. The game has had many free extension packs and content updates from its launch, and the Steam version will be launched with most or all of them. Although rare did not explicitly declared that it will be fully up-to-date with the last extensions, Steam’s announcement refers to many of the most popular features of its content updates, saying they will be In the game. These features include marine monsters, strong strong-living pirates and a player combat mode against player in the arena.

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