The Sims 4 Free playable – and saves with fat discounts on all DLCs

The Sims 4 Free playable – and saves with fat discounts on all DLCs

EA skin out: You can play the Sims 4 for a short time for free on Steam and currently benefits from a fat sale on the main game as well as almost all DLCs. Including pretty fresh extensions. There is also a small giveaway.

Lights the Sims 4 for a short time free

At EA is just a large SIMS-4 action in focus – the game celebrates 22 years Sims. Not only in your own Origin Launcher finds a great sell-off, but also on Steam can make for the popular life simulation straight great bargains (Source: Steam).

Мы дождались в The Sims 4 развития сюжета!
The main game can be played on the platform of Valve ** for free. Until February 7 (probably 7 pm) you still have the opportunity to snuff in the Sims 4.

On top of that, the basic game has gotten a fat discount of 88 percent , which is available until the 11th of February.

Steam-Sale: Almost all packs with big discounts available

But not only the main game is waiting for a discount price – even almost all extensions for the Sims 4 lure with up to 50 percent discount . Both expansion packages and gameplay and accessories packs are included in it. Including popular and not to old DLCs – such as the Sims 4: Country House Life. The packs are also available until February 11 in the SALE on Steam.

Only the sets seem to stay untouched by the action. Incidentally, with Carnival Streetwear, the latest additional content for life simulation was added on 3 February.

If you look at the integrated LiveStream on Steam or the shop page of EA 15 minutes, a little surprise awaits you. Thus, you will free some new articles in the Steam Point Shop free, which you can then use in the game.

_Sid you real the-sims experts? Then try to prove to our hardcore quiz about the popular series: _

Do you master the ultimate quiz?

Plays the SIMS 4 for a short time for free on Steam and secure thick discounts when buying the main game as well as selected additional packs.

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