Open World Survival “Ding Light 2 Stay Human” Number of simultaneous connection players are strong, such as over 500,000 people. Development source works on bug fixes

Developer Techland Worked Open World Action RPG “Ding Light 2 Stay Human” seems to have gained great popularity. This work was released on February 4 for PC / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE.

“Ding Light 2 Stay Human” is the sequel to “Dying Light (Ding Light)” released in 2015. Various survivors’ sources and zombies are present, and the plane of the vast world city after the collapse of civilization, players fight with a familiar pulco action, weapon remodeling, and new actions, etc., and fight with survival.

According to Reed Designer Tymon Smemon Smemon Smemon Smemon Smektała, about 1 pm on February 6th, the number of simultaneous connection players in this work has reached 500,000. This will be the total number of platforms. Since the simultaneous STEAM version of the STEAM version of the same time was about 210,000 (STEAMDB), about 40% of players of this work were playing with Steam.

By the way, this time zone is the transition of the simultaneous number of simultaneous connection players in the STEAM version, and then the “valley” of the graph is in the “valley”, and then the number of players is raised. Up to about 275,000 people, which would be the highest record to date. This is located 5 in the same day across the STEAM, and the difference with “Apex Legends” at the 4th place is a few numbers.

Also, in connection with the STEAM version of this work, the unofficial database information site STeamDB releases a weekly STEAM sales ranking (amount based) until February 6th. Top 10 became a unique ranking that this work was 6 separate by version. Just because it has just the release date of this work, the Backend of Steam was aggregated separately after the reservation and release after release. And the regular version · Deluxe version · Ultimate version is shining in the top 3. Perhaps the top 3 will be a reservation.

Furthermore, in the US PLAYSTATION STORE, the PS5 version is currently the first larger download, and it seems to be strong. About this work The developer is planning to support and add content for the next five years (related articles), and it seems that it has been a good slipping for it.

On the other hand, SMEKTAłA, SMEKTAłA, although most of the players in this work are getting a good game experience, there are players that are affected by technical issues. He says he is working to improve while listening to feedback.

Development source Techland has announced the contents of the improvement of this work by platform on February 7. First of all, for the PC version, a bug that the game crashes and a bug that the screen is black out, and a bug that can not sell valuables can not be done soon. Also, it is said that it is currently working on the problem with key binding of mice and certain issues that fall into the dead loop, and the bug of visual surfaces in the quest “plague mark”.

About the console version, the problem of connection between online cooperative play is disconnected, and the game crashing is prepared for corrections such as the problem that the enemy may not die during cooperative play, and every time it is late next week, each To submit to the platform holder. Correction of the screen of the screen that rarely occurs in the PS5 version and the addition of variable refresh rate modes exceeding 60 fps for Xbox Series X are also included.

As an item for the future for console versions, a bug that prevents the progress of story proceeds, and adding to graphic settings such as motion blur. Also, in all platforms, it is also planned to be able to select English voices optionally.

  • In the domestic PS4 / PS5 version, there is a problem that voice and subtitles disappear during the gameplay, and this is also in correction. It is guided to restart the game as a working method for the time being.

“Ding Light 2 Stay Human” is on sale for PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE. The Nintendo Switch version provided as a cloud version is postponed and will be released within the next six months.

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