Chorus: Details about the atmospheric soundtrack

Chorus: Details about the atmospheric soundtrack

Today, Deep Silver together with developer DS Fishlabs announces that the official soundtrack is now available for the recently published classic space shooter chorus and can be heard on over 35 different global music streaming services, including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube.

The extensive soundtrack contains 26 rousing classic creations from the feather of the composer pedro Macedo Camacho, which is already responsible for the musical accompaniment of numerous well-known games productions in the past. Details about Pedro Macedo Camacho available at:

For Chorus, Pedro Macedo Camacho worked with the audio director of Deep Silver Fishlabs, philipp Muckfuß, together and estimates that more than 180 minutes were produced; The music was built parallel to the development of the game over a period of almost two years, from the first sketches to the final phase.

The classically trained Pedro created his first musical composition at the age of ten years and worked on Soundtracks for a Vampyr Story, Civilization 5, witcher 3, star Citizen, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and world of Warcraft: _ _Shadowlands.

The atmospheric soundtrack, which was completely composed of distant, is a truly global project, with Pedro in Portugal as a major composer, the native Mongolin & Lead singer Úyanga Bold in the United States, additional music from Alex Pfeffer in Germany, a synthesizer designer in France, another musician in South Asia and the United Kingdom, in cooperation with an orchestra in Bulgaria and the Audio Director at Deep Silver Fishlabs in Germany.

“Writing a good and original film music is always a challenge, but the biggest thing was to find a good, strong, memorable and very original main topic for this IP [Chorus]. Something we can hear in 10 years and can be proud of it, “says composer Pedro Macedo Canacho. “I have completed it only in the 72nd revision. I hope everyone’s appreciate the many hours I needed to make it as perfect as possible. “* Winker *

The official soundtrack trailer from Chorus on YouTube:

The official track list of the Chorus Soundtrack

  1. Main Theme

| 14. Rising Through the Rift

  1. Stega Central

| 15. The Faceless

  1. Revelation

| 16. Amarok Rift

  1. Attack on Enclave

Music Of Cathedrals and Forgotten Temples | 1-Hour Atmospheric Choir Mix
| 17. Song of the void

  1. Old Friend

| 18. Dead Pilgrims

  1. Defender of the Weak I

| 19. Legion Secrets

  1. Defender of the Weak II

| 20. Ancient ritual

  1. Enclave station

| 21. Inner strength

  1. Najara Citadel

| 22. Armada Strike I

  1. Arrival in Amarok

| 23. Armada Strike II

  1. The Circle

| 24. Armada Strike III

  1. The Search

| 25. The Prophet

  1. Pirates

| 26. In Chorus

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