Valve confirms the launch of Steam Deck on February 25

Valve confirms the launch of Steam Deck on February 25

Valve has confirmed that the launch of Steam Deck will be next Friday, February 25, within a short less than a month.

In the communiqué issued by the company, they point out that from that same day they will begin to send the first emails to start orders to those who have made a reservation (later they nuance that it will be done shortly after 7:00 pm Spanish, and in the same order that these reservations were made). Afterwards, they explain, customers will have 3 days (72 hours) to make the purchase from the date they receive the email to start the order», and if you do not make your place, you will be transferred to the next person in the tail.

As indicated, the first units will be sent as of February 28, and after that moment they will continue to send emails on a periodic basis each week to start new orders.


Although they still mention that they are tying the last loose ends and giving the last retouching, the truth is that the developers who could prove it stressed their great performance, which highlights for its good rate of frames per second and its sound. In addition, since your advertisement have been presenting specific news for console support, such as a classification of titles depending on its operation in it or the update of Steam cloud saved items to adapt them to its new laptop.

The original launch was scheduled for the end of 2021 but decided to delay it due to the global shortage of materials. This fact is also affecting the production of new generation consoles and even of the graphic cards themselves, a problem that could be extended up to 2023.

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