Dizzy Sadio Mane shoots the Senegal into the quarterfinals

Dizzy Sadio Mane shoots the Senegal into the quarterfinals

The Senegal, who ran with some players from Champions League clubs met in the second round of the Africa Cup on the Cape Verde, whose players mostly first class, but in rather smaller European leagues.

In the first game after the mass panic tragedy before the game between Cameroon and the Comoros (2: 1), there was a sinking in memory of the affected persons before kick-off.

Senegal ideally, despite the majority since minute 21


Right at the beginning of the game, the Senegal came to his best chance of the first 45 minutes when Mane slammed the ball from about 13 meters to the right post. After that, the Veranda lions did not succeed in playing a true formation – despite the majority since the 21st minute. In this midfielder Patrick Andrade had to leave the field after he had hit Paper Guam with open sole above the ankle. First, he saw only yellow, after looking at the video images, the impartial but smooth red.

Heavy collision between Mane and goalkeeper voting

A few minutes after restart, there was a violent collision between Mane and the Cape Ever Keeper Voting. Outside the sixteen, she hunted a high ball with his head and crashed together. Liverpool’s attacker bleed on the back of the back, the goalkeeper seemed greatly dizzy and had to be replaced as a result. The referee decided after reading the scene in addition to red – a hard decision, since both had only the ball. So the Cape Verde had to finish the game with only nine actors.

After about six minutes of interruption, Mane continued for the time being, his team increased the pressure as a result clearly and came to several opportunities. In the 63rd minute Mane then achieved the meanwhile deserved leadership, in obviously still dazed condition: After a corner of Bavaria-defender Carr he stood completely alone and swelled the ball from 15 meters technically strongly into the right upper corner.

Shortly thereafter, Mane grabbed his hand over his face and waved with this like a windshield wiper – probably to suggest that he had annoyed pain from the collision. He then left the place.

Decision in reflection time

In the episode, not much happened, the Senegal eventually decided by the Samba donor from Olympic Marseille for a counterattack after a counterpart.

With the 2: 0, only a few goals fell again, as well as in the entire tournament, as well as for the Senegal personally. In only seven of the 41 games so far, more than three hits fell, Senegal’s previous goal difference after four games is 2: 0. In the quarterfinals (Sunday, 8 pm), the Senegal will meet now on Mali or Equatorial guinea, which duel on Wednesday at 8pm.

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