“Steam Deck” corresponds to a function that can share save data with a PC anytime and anywhere. Sleep automatically synchronized

“Steam Deck” corresponds to a function that can share save data with a PC anytime and anywhere. Sleep automatically synchronized

VALVE is a Dynamic Cloud Synchronization Function on the STEAM Cloud, which is a STEAM save data backup system, Jan. 25 today. This function seems to be intended to improve the convenience of the company’s portable gaming device Steam Deck.

Steam Deck is a portable gaming device developed by Valve. 7 Inch displays are centered, and sticks, buttons, trackpads, etc. are disposed on the left and right. Valve is equipped with Linux-based OS Steams originally developed by Valve, and it is attractive to enjoy many PCs that are distributed by Steam operated by the company.

And the STEAM Cloud has saved data cloud saving functions supported by the platform. In the game that supports the function, save data is uploaded to the cloud at the end of the game. That is, if the same Steam account is used, it is a function that can be played by the same save data even if logged in from the PC. And this function will be more important due to the appearance of Steam Deck. With the combination of PC and Steam Deck, there will be concerns about What is the progress of the game you are running on Steam Deck?

The dynamic cloud synchronization function added this time is a system that responds to such concerns. In the game that implements the same function, save data is automatically uploaded to the Steam Cloud when Steam Deck is entered. In the existing STEAM cloud function, it was necessary to end the game one by one in the save synchronization. It is a point slightly pulling the feet of the hand of the portable machine. On the other hand, if it becomes automatic synchronization only with sleep operation, the progress of the game during play from Steam Deck to the PC without particular awareness. Also, when returning from the PC to Steam Deck, it is automatically synchronized saved data changes with sleep cancellation. For more details, please refer to the STEAM’s Function Introduction Page.

Dynamic cloud synchronization functions are provided for developers as part of the STEAM Cloud. However, I would like to keep in mind that the developer needs to be implemented again in the game. It is anxious about how many titles will respond. In addition, updates may be implemented to improve the convenience of Steam Deck on the Steam platform side in the future.

The portable gaming device Steam Deck will be shipped in February 2022 for the United States, Canada, EU, England. For other regional sales and reservation start times, announcements on the official site are awaited.

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