Gran Turismo 7 requires more than 100 GB during its launch

Gran Turismo 7 requires more than 100 GB during its launch


As we approach the launch of Gran Tourism 7 , more and more information about this title has begun to emerge. In this way, it was recently revealed the amount of memory you require on your PS4 and PS5 if you want to enjoy this title , and you’d better be doing space.

Through the official site of gran Tourism 7, it has been revealed that at least 110 GB of memory is necessary to download this title. However, PlayStation Size, an unofficial account that usually has successful information, has indicated That actually the game will weigh 89.5 GB, although this does not take into consideration the day patch one, and the pre-download will begin on February 25.

In comparison, Gran Tourism Sport Weighs more than 100 GB currently , so from PlayStation Size information, the new delivery does not require both space and one might think. However, this is still asking the player to have about 100 GB of free space, thus forcing more than one person to erase one or more titles.

Gran Tourism 7 will reach PS4 and PS5 on March 4, 2022 . On related topics, more than 400 cars will be available during the launch of this title. Similarly, here you can see the most recent trailer of the game.

Editor’s note:

The space required today’s games every time rises more and more. In the same way, it is no longer enough to have a physical copy. Even with a disk, files that weigh too much are required. Considering that PS5 barely exceeds 600 GB, this can be a problem for some.

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