HSV vs. 1. FC Köln im DFB

HSV vs. 1. FC Köln im DFB

  1. FC Cologne fails in the DFB Cup at second division Hamburger SV. But the knockout in the secondary final is extremely unusual. Because Florian Keying sinks the last shot in penalty shooting, but has great bad luck and is punished by an established rule.

Florian Keying was stunned. He had quickly guessed that his penalty was not quite alright with his penalty, but he would lead to a pretty certainly unique knockout of a team in the DFB Cup, the Austrian did not expect this Tuesday evening. However, it only lasted seconds before the players of the 1st FC Cologne of referee Daniel Sch lager announced that the hit would be canceled. Shock starred while protecting, wild cheers at Hamburger SV. The second division had won this axle final with 5: 4 (N.e.).

He immediately had a bad feeling, Keying said later at Sky. I’ve noticed that I did not slip away with the stand — and how the ball has fallen pure, I also looked funny. I thought it could go out weird. I looked at the referee, and he told me that it checked it became. In this respect, you can not do anything anyway. I am very sorry for the team. That we leave so, is of course very bitter for us.

Keying had gone to the point as the last shooter of his team. In order to achieve an extension in the duel from the point, the 29-year-old must meet. He also does that, but the ball flies in the highest strange flight curve into the gate. This lets the referee and his video team doubt.

They look exactly where they realized that the slipped Keying himself had slightly shot. Therefore, the strange impact in the gate of the Hamburger. Keying had touched the ball twice. That is not allowed. The corresponding rule states that the penalty protector may not play the ball no second time.

Is that actually fair?

Now it comes in a penalty shootout differently in a penalty during the game to a special situation, because a player touches the ball for just twice, the attempt is considered shot, no matter where the ball lands. There is no repetition of the shot. In an ongoing game, however, is decided on indirect free kick. Is the fair? Well, you had to create an equivalent of the showdown of eleven meters, explains referee expert Alex Feuerhertt (by Collins Karen) in conversation with NTV.DE. So the design is clear and there is a gray z1. There has been no scope for possible tricks in the penalty area.

Incidentally, this rule also applies to the execution of a free-kick or throw, as fire has explained. Even in these situations, the player is not allowed to touch the ball directly a second time. As rarely you will be confronted in the football day with this rule, so decades are established in the rules. Now you can ask yourself if Sch lager would actually evaluate the situation without support of the Var. Obviously yes, as he betrayed sky. It was clear to realize that Keying had shot himself in the execution itself.

The gate, which was none, was the peculiar punch of a bird wild closing phase. The hamburgers were leadership directly after the extension of the extension by striker Robert Glazed, which Cologne defeats desperately and stagger the K.O. Request before Anthony Modest is held in the 320 minutes in the penalty area. Penalty. Modest occurs, meets — a short cup happiness. A historic football moment then lose the penalty shootout with two contacts, I have never experienced yet, Cologne Coach Steffen Rampart. A sentence that had probably told or thought of many people last night.

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