FIFA Mobile: EA marks the beginning of a generation of games with new seasonal updates

FIFA Mobile: EA marks the beginning of a generation of games with new seasonal updates

Electronic Arts today launched an extensive update of the successful game EA Sports FIFA Mobile, marking a new era for the beloved mobile title around the world, preparing it for live service in the years to come.

Initially launched in 2016, the last important update of FIFA Mobile provides a radical review and a series of improvements in the game, graphics and audio, which further improves the authentic game experience and better in its class for players and fans of soccer from around the world. About the world. The EA Sports FIFA Mobile application and its last update are already available for free download around the world at App Store for iPhone and iPad and Google Play for Android devices.

FIFA Mobile’s future begins today, offering tens of millions of worldwide players a truly revolutionary football experience and flexibility to enjoy the game on a variety of devices, said Lawrence KOH, director of EA Sports FIFA Mobile.

This has been a monumental effort among our studies in EA China and EA Vancouver, which even more establishes FIFA Mobile as the place where football fans around the world can join and compete wherever they are. We could not be more excited to see both veterans and new generations of players join action in the years to come.

Driven by a revolutionized game engine, the visual fidelity of FIFA Mobile has been improved by providing players even more details on the screen during a match. Those with the latest mobile devices will be able to adjust their configuration to experience 60 FPS games for an increasingly fluid and receptive feel. The ease of access is at the heart of the new update, which will introduce additional configurations so that players adjust the visual experience of the game, ensuring compatibility among many types of devices so that players around the world can continue to play and enjoy FIFA Mobile.

Players will also be able to see the action as never before thanks to the new ability to choose between four different camera angles in real time during a match. In addition, there are new camera options available for goal caches, free throws, corners and penalties, as well as repetitions to even more involve players in the most intense and holiday times of a party. Now there are a number of new stadiums available for players, along with a unique climate for each location, as well as time options that allow playing games during the day, evening or night.

Additions and game implementations in the new FIFA Mobile update will provide players with greater team management and player controls during the 11V11 game in real time, as well as improvements in the quality of life in the vs. Favorite VS mode of the Fans. The new equipment management options will allow players to have full control over substitutions, game positions and players, allowing them to control the destination of their team.


Features such as resistance and skill movements will add a new level of authenticity to FIFA Mobile Game experience, where players must watch their squad and make appropriate movements during a game to get victorious.

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