Atlas: First Update 2022 starts with the large temple monument

Atlas: First Update 2022 starts with the large temple monument

The open waters of Atlas were refreshed with new contents and reveal the complete implementation of a first miracle, the large temple monument, along with a new transport ship, the tramp freighter. This update is now available on Steam and Xbox and is ready for cross-platform gameplay.


The big temple monument is the first of many planned wonders who come to Atlas. Be the first to expand the big temple over six steps to complete the wonder of the big pyramid! Every miracle can only exist once per server and gives the company that builds it is permanent strengthening effects that are transferred to the nearest Atlas season.

In the shipyard, the tramp freighter can now be built, a small but robust ship, which is ideal for transport at the beginning of the game. The ship has two lengths and is equipped with several loader shelves on both sides.

The year 2021 was filled with many Atlas updates. A short video with an annual review that only highlights some new content can now be viewed:

With the new year also a whole range of bug fixes, which were desired by the Atlas community! The full list of bug fixes and optimizations for PC and Xbox One can be found in the patch notes here.

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