Bayer Leverkusen kidnaps three points from Gladbach

Bayer Leverkusen kidnaps three points from Gladbach

The hoped-table comeback has only been slowed down for Bayern-Borussia tormentor Mönchengladbach by an unfortunate defeat against Bayer Leverkusen once again.

In the home stadium the team undergoing conversion of coach ADI Hunter conceded without the banished to the bench national team Matthias Winter, a 1: 2 (0: 0), although keeper Yann Summer saved two penalty kicks.

When starting debut of Winter successor Marvin Friedrich met Robert And rich (51 minutes) after the summer had given a controversial penalty from top scorer Patrick Schick. The second Leverkusen Tor was then awarded to the Czech, although Playback’s new entrance Friedrich was last on the ball. For Russia Nico Elves was too late successful (81). In the final phase, summer also held the second penalty of Farm Derby (88th).

Winter on the bench

Thus ending Leverkusen, now-League Champions Rank stands as third in the table back to a that Singles series of previously five competitive games against the favorite opponents. Against Russia It was the fifth win in a row. It had initially looked more like a new failure. 1 resurgent Bayern Munich Playback the better chances: before the break after the two had.

The first exclamation of the day put Playback coach ADI Hunter, the German international Matthias Winter after the signing of Marvin Friedrich Union Berlin relegated to the bench. What Matthias Winter makes the situation -. He is professional enough, he knows that you can still take it up to 31 is the transfer window open, Better said before the game the pay TV channel Sky.

newcomer Friedrich debt Penalty

Winter, who is free transfer in the summer, could still leave Russia in the next two weeks. For that Friedrich played a few days after his move once again from the start against Leverkusen. In the previous week he had the 2: 2 played for Berlin in Leverkusen. On the one hand it is about the future, on the other side to power. I have not decided against him, but finally decided for the future and for Marvin Frederick, Better said.

Friedrich initially showed an energetic and combative convincing performance, inflicted after the break but the penalty and was also involved decisively on the second goal.

Already at 0: 4 in the first leg Russia had experienced a real horror day: Marcus Thu ram, Alas sane Plea and Stefan Liner after a crunching tackle from Mitchel Baker had some seriously injured. Winter was replaced invalidated on the day before a positive corona test, Captain Lars Still had missed a penalty, and to top it all Leverkusen’s stadium director had Russia also mocked and recorded the Playback goal celebration at their home games after the fourth Bayer target.

That this is not sounded in the first half for Russia, bad luck was due in the financial statements and a lack of consistency. The game was largely held at eye level, but Playback was felt in attack much more dangerous. On most curious missed veteran Tony Jantschke the lead, was blocked as his shot in the 37th minute from the leg of the falling Jonathan TAH.

And rich scores from a corner

After the break, Bayer had initially fortunate that referee Sasha Telemann had shown after an unfortunate action Friedrich on the penalty spot. Playback’s new signing Karim Bellcrank was more unintentionally increased in non-critical position on the foot. The not conceded by the video referee penalty Schick held Summer brilliantly.

In the following corner Borussia-defense but was taken by surprise and And rich tucked the ball over the line. In order for the away-goals series going on from Leverkusen. Bayer’s team also met in the eleventh away game in a row.

Hunter responded to the setback with a double change and a slightly more offensive system. The last are criticized Marc Thu ram got for good 30 minutes another shot, also came to the last with the coronavirus infected Joe Sally for the weak Luca network. Laszlo Bones, who also had to leave the field, there was no real alternative for the missing midfielder Christoph Kramer (sick) and Denis Bavaria (strain).

This opened Leverkusen counter-possibilities, but Playback initially little more offensive opportunities. The second Leverkusen goal was deserved at the time before Elves exciting made the prestigious duel again because the summer held in the closing stages and the second Leverkusen penalty Farm Derby (88th).

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