Djokovic proceeds in court against visa withdrawal

Djokovic proceeds in court against visa withdrawal

Lawyers of the World Ranking First put on Thursday afternoon before a court in Melbourne appeal against the visa sights, as the Australian news portal The Age reported. Accordingly, they were still searching for documents and should be heard by judge Anthony Kelly during the day.

Djokovic had traveled to Australia with a highly controversial medical exemption and landed in Melbourne late Wednesday evening to participate in the Australian Open. The tournament starts on January 17th. However, the Australian border control authority rejected him regular entry — and let the 34-year-old instead bring in a hotel for everyday information. Djokovic should start home on Thursday.

Djokovic stays in Melbourne at least until Monday

The Visa for Novak Djokovic was scanned, said Australia’s Health Minister Greg Hunt on Thursday morning (local time). Djokovic could not be able to meet the entry requirements, so the visa was then canceled said in the declaration of the border control authority.

The court posted the hearing of his lawyers on Monday 10.00 o’clock (local time), as the newspaper The Age reported on Thursday. The World Ranking First wants to challenge the cancellation of the visa to be able to play at the Australian Open starting on 17 January. Originally, the 34-year-old should start home on Thursday.

Hearing for Friday morning planned

In the evening, according to AAP, there should be a hearing. But judge Anthony Kelly assumes that this happened until Friday morning at 10.00 o’clock (me 00.00 clock). A decision was not possible before reading the application of lawyers, Kelly said, according to AAP.

Anyone who enters Australia, must ensure that he was also entitled to and demonstrate this, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison said. This requires proof of a double vaccine or a valid medical exemption permit. Rules are rules, especially when it comes to our limits, Australia’s head of government Scott Morrison wrote on Twitter. Nobody says about these rules.

Naval has little pity

On Tuesday, Djokovic had notified after weeks of silence, he will fly to Australia thanks to an exemption permission. He still did not publicly do his vaccination status. If he were vaccinated, but he would not need any exemption.

Djokovic has already won the Australian Open nine times and wanted to compete as defending champion this time. At a victory he had left his competitors Roger Federer and Rafael Naval with Grand Slam Triumph Number 21.

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Naval at least little pity with Djokovic. I had COVID-19, I’m vaccinated twice. If you do that, you have no problem to play here and everywhere in the world. That’s the only thing that is clear, the Spaniard said on Thursday in Melbourne.

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