Final Fantasy XIV: Patch 6.05 brings new epic raids – patch notes in German

Final Fantasy XIV: Patch 6.05 brings new epic raids – patch notes in German

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On January 4, the patch 6:05 final Fantasy XIV End walker live went. He brings the epic raid fights of pandemonium, the new Dungeon Exploration and other adjustments and new items. The highlights of the patch notes and information about the server status takes her with us on Mango.

What is this patch? 6:05 is one of the intermediate patches that have been announced for the period after the release of the new add-ons End walker. While there are the epic Pandemonium raid gameplay fodder for the hardcore players, even the casual community does not go out empty.

The Treasure Hunt Dungeon Exploration offers new cosmetic items such as companion and a glamorous outfit. In addition, it was a series of balance adjustments for the jobs, new recipes for Crater and fixes for known issues. We give you an overview of the most important changes.

When to go the server online? The servers are German since 11:00 time back online.

Details Patch 6:05 — Pandemonium — asphodel (epic)

So you switched the content-free:

Location: Labyrinths X: 8.4 / Y: 27.4
NPC: Gemini
Quest Name: At the heart of the High Guardian
Requirements: Completion of the normal mode of Asphodels

On the date a raid battle, players receive the group following Drops:

Asphodel boxes: If an asphodel crate is used, a piece of equipment is spent on the job at this time or class applied. In addition, from treasure chests in asphodel — Fourth Circle (epic) direct weapons were seized.
Upgrade materials host of heaven polish, sky army fabric and host of heaven solvent with which the equipment can be traded for Allagische stones astronomy, upgrade from item-level 590 to 600 can
Parts of the asphodel myth that as compensation for each level of the raid Pandemonium — asphodel (epic) will be awarded to at Mylène in Labyrinths (X: 8.3 Y: 27.6) or Dole in Radz-at-Han (X : 10.3 Y: 9.6 are) exchanged for items of equipment.

The Raid equipment has the same design as the outfits from the normal mode with the difference that the parts of the epic mode dyeable.

For the epic pandemonium raid following restrictions apply:

Minimum Level 90
No duplicate jobs
Minimum item level:
Asphodel — First Circle (epic): min 570th
Asphodel — Second Circle (epic): min 575th
Asphodel — Third Circle (epic): min 580th
Asphodel — Fourth Circle (epic): min 580th
Time Limit: asphodel 1 to 3 – 90 Minutes, Asphodels 4 -120 minutes

Are in the group members who have already completed the stage less treasure chests appear. In addition, these players are not eligible to equipment and parts of the asphodel myth of the treasure chests.

Have 1 to 4 players completed the level, only one treasure chest appears. At 5 or more players no longer appears.
The game progress is weekly on Tuesday at 17:00 (Earth time) reset.

These are the new allagischen Stones: characters at level 90, the allagischen stones astronomy can now also collect. A character can collect a maximum of 450 stones and overall not possess which more than 2,000 per week.

The stones can the NPC Chaldean in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.9 Y: 10.4) to be exchanged for new equipment with item-level of 590th

Originally, 1,000 stones were needed for a weapon. This amount has been lowered 500th

The allagischen stones of astronomy can be obtained in all daily random content, we provided them with a level 90 job enters and in the level 90 dungeons.

treasure maps Dungeon Exploration

The new dungeon is the End walker version of the canals of Near and Lyle Gaia. In it, a group of up to 8 players try their luck and to the deepest level to advance. Access to the Dungeon opens accidentally when using Ophiotaurosleder Treasure cards that you can receive by collectors classes in the breakdown of Level 90 collection points.

As a reward, we wave ever new cosmetic items like companion, furniture for your Housing and rare materials for a new outfit. In addition, much Gil will be distributed as a reward again.

Balance Changes of jobs

Endwalker 6.05 Patch Notes. SAVAGE RELEASED.
The following jobs have experienced 6:05 adjustments in the patch:

With the monk, the failure of the target is no longer punished by a series of skills:
Arm of the destroyer, terrain, fourfold fatalities and shadows of the destroyer give the appropriate chakras despite the misconduct.
Elixir field, ignition and Phoenix give moon and sunny.
Dragoon received buffs for the attacks Twin Warm (from 370 to 420), Gaseous (from 250 to 260) and Natron (from 350 to 360).
Samurai received buffs for the reach of Hiragana Skills, Kasai Hiragana, Midair Setsugekka and Kasai Setsugekka on 6 Calm.
Ninja received a number of buffs and adjustments received:
Dancing Rail was braced (from 400 to 560), the duration of 15 seconds was removed.
Roil lend Rail was also braced (from 400 to 560), the range has been lowered to 3 calm, the condition was changed can only be performed during Rail flash.
Phantom KamaItachi can now be done without the stack double I raise, increasing the NIKKI beam was set to 10.
The duration of double I is no longer bound to the status Kamaitachi-ready. Stresses the effect now takes 45 seconds.
Schnitzel became slightly generated. The medicinal potential of the skill Arcane coat of arms was painted from 100 to 50.
Dancers have for the skills easy finale, complex Finale and Tijuana get a category change of talent to arm’s skill.
Summoner get a buff for the skills swell of the fire (from 430 to 520) and sign of purification (from 180 to 240).
Scholar can now use his fairy fence at a higher distance of 30 calm.

For the rest of the jobs there were no changes


New master recipes for craftsmen were added
New ribs and companions have been added.
New items have been added, which can be made against MAP.
New furnishings have been added.
New card roles have been added for the orchestration.
New Child can be hunted.
New training goals were added to the stone doll training.
New achievements and titles have been added.
In the group search can now be selected as a condition content completed (compensation for this week not yet).
New pieces of music have been added.

near and distant future

This is how it continues: With 6.05 the last patch appears with a fixed release date. Towards the end of January, the Halloween Event Allowers should be made upstairs.

If the developer team further follows their usual release cycle for patches, the players can expect the patch 6.1 in the middle of spring. This is expected to bring the following content:

New Story quests starting a new fresh storyline after the end walker’s degree.
New exam content and ex version from the end boss of end walker
New 24-man RAID myths Boreas
The Casual Content Sanctuary Island, which is a kind of Star dew Valley mode of FFI
Big changes in the PVP

At FFI is currently still sales stop, because the game has to fight with full servers and long queues:

Final Fantasy XIV sets the sale because it is easy to popular

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