The curious soundtrack of Minecraft and its importance in our adventure

The curious soundtrack of Minecraft and its importance in our adventure

The Magic of Minecraft's Music

Minecraft is one of those titles that have always been beloved by players and scored the community since its release. Many have understood the complexity within its simplicity as a simple block, if used in a way specifically, they are able to do unimaginable things. There is much talk of versatility and its survival mode and hardcore where many have spent hours and hours biting caves and exploring valleys, but very few realize that there is always something to accompany them and appearing at any time: The band sound.

The magic of randomness

C418 When you set out to do a soundtrack for an open world practically infinite, it is normal to be overwhelmed by such a proposal, since the being a world where nothing is fixed and everything is volatile. In the world of Minecraft there is absolutely nothing fixed and whatever may be our home, secret base or castle that storm, so it was practically impossible to make a soundtrack specifically to mean that we are in a place.

Composer and Notch, principal creator of Minecraft and founder of Moving, had to make to add a soundtrack that could fit any moment of our adventure and knowing it was impossible to draw a number of limitations or context that tells us what was an area or another. That is why decided to leave all their hopes on the randomness. If, as you are listening: The music you hear throughout the game will sound randomly and at any time of our trip. If music decides to be quiet for 20 minutes it will be or want to put 2 songs will also be followed chance decision.

Why do this? Because basically there was no way to know when and how to add music, because the game could not detect areas on maps. That is why makes it so special and unique, as are those little moments when fate decides to join music and an exciting time for our adventure. The moment we make a tower at night and suddenly the song sounds we have left just as the sun comes up within us. Those moments are unique and are what make such a special title Minecraft.

calm in a world full of life

If anything characterizes the soundtrack so outstanding is the huge Minecraft calm, tranquility and serenity that transmits each of the pieces created by C418. Most of these songs have a great motif late, nor an exciting time; is a loop where several notes are repeated at a dim speed and causing an atmosphere of peace that no other game has been able to achieve.

And that’s one of the tricks that have this soundtrack: Monotony. Although it seems that the monotony is something harmful in Minecraft spend many, many, many hours doing a single task such as iron create a farm. Besides the game itself calls you to stay for its atmosphere, the appearance of pieces like Sweden causes us a kind of drowsiness in the game leaves floating us in a cloud, leaving countless hours trapped in their world. We all have gone we have set our clock and time to time have been sapping six hours in a cave.

A soundtrack that shines in its simplicity

If we look like scores of most songs created by C418 for Minecraft, we see that are fairly simple : There is no instrument that stands above another, no big climax in their subjects nor are there a lot of factors involved in music. A soundtrack is quite simple that is not very complicated… but it fits perfectly with the square world we face.

A soundtrack that has a simple and straightforward composition does not mean it is bad ; If we add this type of band sound simplistic games but with great depth, the music will be added to the memory. I think each one of the players who have played something in the title of Moving will recognize or hum the vast majority of music sound because it is so simple and clear as catchy and relaxing. There will be no game like Minecraft teleport you to a whole world full of life and things to do.

musical blocks; an ellipsis full of rhythm

If Minecraft’s world and his music is full of calm and monotony, musical block came to break those moments where you wanted to leave your comfort zone. The calmness of the adventure is fine, and It is always a gratitude to be able to live the journey that way, but there are always times when you want to experience new things. The jukebox were a breath of fresh air for the most ventured, since it gave a new air to the soundtrack. In addition to a new type of music more moved and happy, there was also a change in the composer: Lena Raise was incorporated and noted, since the first issue of her in the game was a gigantic change to what We had used. And it is appreciated, since what she was doing, she had never appeared in Minecraft, and it was nice to see how the title of Moving broke little by little with her molds and is getting more and more from a static genre.

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