Looter Shooter and Co.: Koop

Looter Shooter and Co.: Koop

The Sidemen are a British YouTube team including Internet personalities CSI, Minim inter, Serkan, BZL, Behring, Vikkstar123 as well as W2S. The group is best understood for generating videos of different obstacles, sketches and also video clip game commentaries across their numerous YouTube networks, which have a combined total of over 128 million customers since October 2021.

Top 5 LOOTER SHOOTER Games of 2022 (Most Anticipated)

Fans of multiplayer games could be quite satisfied with the Games offer of 2021 and the announcements for 2022. But despite the flood of action-rich co-op games, the genre sells significantly below value in one respect.

After 2021 co-shooters such as Outriders and Back 4 Blood (at least for a short time) have caused a sensation, 2022 with Read fall, Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League to deliver more multiplayer highlights. So we live currently in a golden age for co-op player ? Unfortunately no — because an aspect comes too short in all these games.

Loop games: Always online in the team

Couch-Koop players are unfortunately in the tube at all the beautiful new games. Although Gamer is now able to go in many games with their friends on vampire hunting, carrying out paramilitary operations or zombie-hordes leaving, but those who want to share the screen and do not want to communicate with a headset.

It is a development that has become more and more to the norm in recent years — and meanwhile, real couch co-op experiences are extremely seeded. It offers local co-op by real proximity to the team members an experience that can not simply be reproduced online. Even with LAN parties with several friends, everyone starts at the end of their own screen.

All want looter shooter — but nobody produces them properly

The lack of couch co-op games is all the more frustrating, because the perfect matching genre has been at the height of its popularity for years: Looter Shooter and 3rd Personal Action Games with a packed Open World to discover.

The prime example of how these games can be implemented as a couch co-op is and remains the borderland franchise — paradoxically, despite its popularity, however, it is all alone in the hallway.

In 2021, the Action Spectacle Outrider could establish itself as a competitor — but while online coop belongs to the game to the good sound, a couch coop mode seemed never to debate.

Even the Square Enix Flop Marvel’s Avengers would have gotten with a couch coop mode at least one unique selling point, who not saved the game, but would probably have made more interesting for some players.

In our video we show you the best horror multiplayer games:

Couch coop does not always have to be bright

Of course, with the Nintendo Switch there is a console that has specialized in large parts and in different forms on entertaining couch co-op games — but there is a game candying than the other.

There is much too rare that Couch co-op games do without a cute optics, Schiltrötenspanzer and mini-games. Nothing against classically like Mario Kart, Overcooked and Co., but from time to time I simply wish me More copies like Alienation or A Way Out, in which not every character is a squeaky cartoon figure.

PS5 and Xbox Series X | S: Next gene as a couch coop hope

In the past, the demand for more couch co-op often replied that the two- or even four times renders of graphically demanding worlds of available hardware would simply demand too much performance. With the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, however, the console gaming has now made a considerable development jump, which should solve this problem in many cases.

In the future, it depends on mainly in the future of whether developers and publishers see enough financial incentive for a couch coop mode. Although the feature is probably not necessarily a sales guarantor, I would look forward to more co-op adventures on the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles. After all, this console renewal has ever started strongly: the coop hit it Takes Two was chosen at the Game Awards 2021 at the best game of the year and shows once again how much fun it can make together on the couch to gamble.

In our picture gallery we show you the 9 best Next-Gen features of the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S:

The genre of the couch co-op games has been unfairly forgotten in recent years. The local multiplayer is still a true fun brawler — this also proves one of the best games of 2021.

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