Magic Creation Action Adventure Mistrarian Magician Free Distribution for 1 Days. At the EPIC Games store

Magic Creation Action Adventure Mistrarian Magician Free Distribution for 1 Days. At the EPIC Games store

Epic Games Store is an Internet distribution system for video game and also software program developed as well as operated by Epic Games.

A free distribution of Mages of Australia (Australian Magician) was started on December 28 at the Epic Games Store. The free distribution period is Japan time until 1:00 on December 29, 2021. If you add it to the library during the period, it will continue to be played even after the end of the distribution period. The EPIC GAMES store version MAGES OF AUSTRALIA is normal price 2080 yen and corresponds to Japanese subtitles.

Mages of Australia is a magical action adventure game that combines the rune and creates a spelling. The main character of this work is a girl with a magical power. She has been banned by hiding her magic power because her Via’s Great is prohibited in her Green. However, sometime, Dena will cause an accident, and she will be banned from Gray leaf. Among her frustration, Via met a magician in the woods, and she decides to be a genuine magician. She starts her training journey.

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Via will fight against enemies such as Goblin and Boss, using her magic on her trip. The gaming Deer can only use simple spells with a fixed effect. If she gets a certain extent, you can customize it by magic creation.

In the magic of this work, there are four effects such as Crees for installation and ego for themselves. Via will combine attributes and runs with attributes and runs to create magic. Specifically, she combines Cleo to combine lightning attributes and rain by combining thunderstorms, combining movies in ego, and creates spells by combining spells. Magic creation-related elements are also introduced triggerlones that cause magic when the conditions are met and the concept of consumer MANA.

Mages of Australia is a work released in May 2017, developed by Boreal Games. Steam has obtained 85% well-received out of 680 user reviews and has won very popular.

Mages of Australia is distributed free of charge until 1:00 on December 29 at the EPIC Games store. In the Epic Games store, one game is distributed free of charge daily from December 17, and new free distribution works will appear from 1:00 on December 29.

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