PS Plus January 2022 – Free

PS Plus January 2022 – Free

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When are the PS4 / PS5 games of January 2022-lineup revealed? In all the holidays, you could smoothly forget that in a few days the official revelation of the PlayStation Plus games of the month of January 2022 is pending! If Sony stops at traditional revelation rhythm, then you should mark the following date in the calendar:

Expected appointment: Wednesday, 29 December 2021
Expected time: 17: 30 (German time)
When are the games available? Tuesday, the 4 . January 2022 (around 12 o’clock at noon German time)

How is this appointment? The PS plus games are published by default on the first Tuesday of the month. And Wednesday in the week before the revelation takes place. This results in a revelation on 29 December and activation on January 4th for this month.

17:30 clock is the traditional time of the revelation. In the last few months, there was always Leaks to the new PS plus games in advance. This month, however, there are no leaks of the known sources.

Which PS plus games can you download?
Here you will find the complete PS plus-lineup in December 2021.

Are there already a leak to the PlayStation Plus games in January 2022?

Yes, as in the months earlier, the PS plus games were already lasted. The leak comes from the French deal site Deal abs, which was previously several times with your information. As a result, the following games are alleged in January 2022:

Deep Rock Galactic (PS5 / PS4)
persona 5 strikers (PS4)
DIRT 5 (PS5 / PS4)

The highlight of the leak, persona 5 strikers, you can see here in the trailer:

But Attention: Only because Deal abs has been correct in the months before, this is not a guarantee that the current leak is right. So we should definitely wait the official announcement of the free games, which will be coming Wednesday.

PS Plus January 2022 Free Games LEAKED! (PlayStation Plus Leaks Rumors) PS+ 2022 Rumor/Leaks

Which PS4 / PS5 games do you want you for the upcoming PS plus bid?

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